5 common mistakes about the moving

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Why does moving become so stressful? You have probably been told about all troubles which are connected to this process. But maybe you are that person who won’t do the same mistakes and feel terrible after this day. If you are on the stage of planning, read these common mistakes which always happen to people during the moving and try to avoid them. 


1) Forget to hire a professional moving company


There is a big difference between wasting money on this service and saving your time and nerves. Maybe, because of bad recommendations or past experience you don’t want to hire some strangers who will carry your belongings. But don’t think about all companies in a bad way because of one situation. If you are looking for a skillful moving company in Saskatchewan, read more positive reviews about people who had experience in the cooperation with Indian Head to Regina movers, for example. Pay attention to positive sides as well.


2) Collecting old things


The moving is the great opportunity to get rid of stuff which has lied in your wardrobe for years. Try to sell several of them or just throw these things out.


3) Saving money on supplies


It is a very positive idea if you try to recycle as many things as possible. But getting beat-up boxes with food stains from the supermarket is a bad choice. Buy some special supplies like packing tape, bubble wrap, moving blankets, packing supplies for dishes and delicate items, plastic bags to store hardware for furniture or other items that require disassembly, and 3-mil contractor bags for loose, lightweight, but bulky items (chair cushions, stuffed toys).


4) Forgetting to “name” boxes


Labeling boxes can help you to save time a lot. Tip – label each box on top and from another side at least. While you are writing, use markers or Sharpie pen so it will be easy to read for whoever ends up carrying the box.


5) Not paying attention to the security


Buy special ratchet straps, rope, and especially shrink-wrap to secure the load while in transit. All your belongings should be fixed well so there's no room for movement. Especially, if you moving will take a while. For example, if you move from Indian Head to Regina, the distance is quite big – 43 miles. So, be ready to ask Indian Head to Regina movers if they have such supplies.


6) Forgetting to check the forecast


The simple one but very important point. Of course, if moving day will be bright and sunny, that's a great news. But maybe Mother Nature had not been informed that you are planning to move this day. So, if you see that it will be raining all day, change the moving day or be ready with some protections like plastic sheets and tarps. Also old towels can be useful in this situation.




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