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What is the Biggest Complaint That Buyers or Sellers Have About Realtors?

Written by Posted On Monday, 06 November 2017 06:24
What is the Biggest Complaint That Buyers or Sellers Have About Realtors? Money Crashers

Real estate business involves selling and renting of residential and commercial spaces. Just like in any market there are the buyers and the sellers. These two groups of people require a middle person in most of the times; in an ordinary business situation, the business person is the link between the two groups and gets the profits. Likewise in real estate, the link is the realtor, and he/she takes the brokerage fees and commissions.

Realtors are real estate agents who are under control of a certain body to ensure they hinder to a certain code of performance and also be more beneficial to the clients. Despite being under rules and regulations, they still do things that are annoying to their clients. Sometimes it might be a small issue like scheduling a discussion with realtor over a cup of decaf coffee, and he/she does not show up.

As indicated from the point above realtors have poor communication skills and everything resonates from there. Instead of the realtor communicating and saying that he/she won't make to the meeting they don't communicate and essentially ends up wasting your time. This makes many buyers and sellers think that realtors care more about their time rather than that of their clients and it is an annoying situation.

In other incidences, they do communicate, but still, they do not provide full information, they manipulate information to fit their interests. For example rather than telling the buyer the actual price of the property and whether it is over or underpriced, if the furniture such as a small corner desk is also included in the pricing, they will convince them to take the option even if it is overpriced. This makes the buyer bitter after they know that they were fixed.

Other realtors are really annoying to the seller since they don’t provide feedback on what happened during the house viewing period. After spending huge sums of money in making the house to meet the expectations of any buyer, it would be courteous for the realtor to communicate back to the owner and tell him/her what the buyers' opinion was. Unfortunately, a majority of them don’t, and this does not go well with the homeowners selling their homes.

Realtors are also known to exaggerate every bit of information in order to convince the other party to accept the part of the deal. If it is the seller, they will convince you how the deal is good and even to come across any such opportunity in the future is almost impossible. On the side of the buyer, they will tell them how great the price is discounted, and it is an option worth, not passing.

These pressures and exaggeration of information are really sickening to both the buyer and the sellers. These tactics look unethical, and they can even lead to a lawsuit if the aggrieved party decides to pursue justice.


Rather than trying to misrepresent information in order to close a deal, it is better to present all the facts on the table and let the parties decide for themselves. The work of the realtor should be to offer guidance but not coercing the buyer or seller to agree to the proposed terms. Thus, realtors should improve their communication skills and honesty to remain relevant and of importance to both the buyer and the seller.

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