6 Reasons Your Rental or Airbnb Property Should Go Green

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6 Reasons Your Rental or Airbnb Property Should Go Green photo via unsplash

What are the current draws of your Airbnb or rental property? Is it the stunning views, affordable price tag, or unique architecture? If you install solar panels and other sustainable products, you help your property stand out for being green.

If you’re still pondering whether to install solar panels — or start smaller with other energy-saving and eco-friendly products — the following six compelling reasons tell you why switching to solar and marketing your solar panels to travelers will help you as a host and business owner.

1. There’s a Market for Green Travel

People want to travel greener. OneTripAdvisor study shows that two-thirds of travelers seek out green hotels and accommodation, and 64% reported that it’s hard to know if hotels are environmentally friendly. As an Airbnb host or rental property owner, you have a huge opportunity to make solar panels and renewable resources part of your marketing strategy — to make yourself known as an eco-efficient form of lodging to potential travelers.

Add your sustainability status to your listing headline, incorporate it all over your website, and talk it up as much as you can.

2. Going Green Gives You a Chance to Stand Out

If you were planning a vacation, you might search tropical vacation or luxury vacation online; now, people actively seek out green vacations. Plus, some publications have started ranking the best green Airbnbs all over the world.

Go green by installing solar panels and other sustainable products. You won’t just get noticed on Airbnb when you live off renewable energy. You’ll also have an opportunity to get free advertising from observant bloggers and news networks.

3. Solar Saves You Money

Green tourism is not only gaining steam but it’s also green in itself. As an Airbnb or rental property host, your guests use 63% less energy than people who stay in hotels. Additionally, you save enough water in one year to fill nearly 300 Olympic-sized pools and cut your greenhouse gas emissions by the equivalent of what over 30,000 cars emit per year.

Add solar panels to your property and save a ton of money in the long run. You’ll also get rebates with solar tax incentives, and that savings from green energy can really add up.

4. Airbnb Makes Green Living Easier

If you’re the host of an Airbnb, you can get solar panels installed more easily than other property owners can. That’s because the company officially partnered with SolarCity Corp — the number one solar company in America — in 2016.

This partnership offers Airbnb hosts $1,000 when SolarCity comes to their cities to help achieve sustainable living. On the flip side, SolarCity customers get a $100 gift card to redeem on Airbnb travel, so you can save as the host and traveler.

Call SolarCity if you have any questions about the installation process or cost. If SolarCity isn’t available near you or you’re not on Airbnb, you can also search for local solar providers to get started.

5. You’ll Attract a Different Clientele

Whether you’re a veteran or rookie Airbnb host, it’s probably nerve-racking whenever you let a stranger into your home. When you market to a greener clientele, you tap into a different demographic — one that’s likely more caring, considerate, and willing to pay a premium to give back to the earth.

While you’re never safe from someone messing up your home or doing something against the rules, market to a more mature and responsible traveler to decrease the headache you have as a host.

6. You Can Build Where Others Cannot

If you’re planning on building a rental property, going green and off-the-grid by installing solar panels opens your options. Instead of a typical rental, you can build a tree house loft in the forest. Instead of an apartment walk-up, you can list a beachside bungalow on a private island.

Create unique and compelling properties like these, and you may become more successful than other rental properties that are restricted to a less ideal location because they need access to a power grid.

As a rental property owner, going solar can benefit you, your finances, and the entire world — not to mention, you’re keeping up with the future of alternative energy. If you already have solar panels, great. Start marketing that feature immediately and see how many more inquiries you get. If you haven’t converted to solar yet, add a “coming soon” feature to your Airbnb or rental property page to entice eco-minded travelers.

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