The benefit of the wet dry vacuum cleaner

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The vacuum cleaner is perhaps the best cleaning tool of all around that we can take advantage of today. Some vacuum cleaners are designed to clear wide spaces in a short period of time while other aspirators specialize in cleaning tighter spaces easily. Some can store a lot of dirt in a clean, while some can be easily stored and transported around.

Some have several cleaning heads that you can replace according to the area you are cleaning and some have long extensions that you can use to get to the dust on the roof. Some can thoroughly clean the hard surfaces of the floor while others are well equipped to suck dirt even from deeper carpets.

There is no need to be exposed to dirt

Technically, the way you operate the best wet dry vac is very similar to the way you operate a normal one. Dust, dirt and even liquid spills are collected through the inlet port. Then, all these collected debris pass through a tube that leads to the compartment where they would accumulate. It's pretty much the same thing, isn't it?

What is different, however, is that when you use a wet dry vacuum machine, the dirt and dust you have collected are dissolved in the water inside the machine. In the case of a regular vacuum cleaner, when the dirt is discarded, the particles will come flying and you'll have to contact them.

It can clean up liquids easily

The primary selling point of a wet dry vacuum machine is that it can effectively cleanse the dust and dirt and when the situation calls it, the vacuum cleaner can easily clean the liquid spills. However, some people think that using a wet dry vacuum machine would be messy because you have to get rid of the dirt in a liquid form. Once again, the drain hoses attached to the VAC allow for easy and clean disposal of the liquid disorder. The days are gone when dry wet vacuum cleaners are only used in commercial establishments and heavy tanks have to be lifted to remove the vacuumed fluids.

is very versatile

The regular vacuum machine turned out to be a very versatile cleaning tool until we realized that we have to get a rag every time we spill something on the floor. You don't have to do that when you have a wet dry vacuum. You can actually use it for any cleaning task you can imagine. Unlike regular vacuum cleaners, it is safe to collect the largest dirt with the wet dry vac.

Apart from the cleaning surfaces, you can also use the best wet dry vac to inflate the balls, mattresses and other toys that need to be inflated. You can recover the items that have gone down the drain and can unclog a pipe. You can use it to remove snow from your driveway and you can use it to clean the chimney. You can forget everything else ANS just invest in a very good wet dry vacuum device and then you're ok to go.

You can choose what size you want

People tend to think of wet dry vacuum cleaners like the really bulky machines used commercially in industries. Yes, some dry wet vacuum cleaners can be big TAT but now, they come in a wide range of sizes. You can choose to have a wet dry vacuum with a capacity of ½ gallons or have one with a capacity of 15 gallons.

Choose wisely according to the size of your home (or what you are going to clean). If the area is not so large, avoid buying those that have the most capacity because it will only end with a vacuum that takes a lot of space.

Types of wet dry vacuum cleaners

These products are pretty basic. Therefore, we can divide them into 4 main types according to their size. We recommend that you choose the right one for you depending on your cleaning needs, your storage space and how much you will need to move it. In this way you can choose between these 4 main types:

Mini size: With these portable models you have the greatest possible portability, but you sacrifice tank capacity and power. Look for a model like that if you need to clean small areas and have to transport it constantly.

Small: They are larger than the mini size but have more power. In any case, they are still a sacrifice of capacity and power in favor of greater portability and ease of use.

Medium in size: If you are looking for a fairer balance between portability and device performance, this slightly larger and more powerful model may be the ideal one for you.

Large: This is the most powerful model, with the largest tank and the highest capacity and performance. They are heavy, more robust and powerful, so they are really ideal for complicated jobs where many solid and liquid waste must be collected. They are also ideal for larger industrial jobs.

What you should look for in the best wet dry vacuum cleaner

Maintenance tools: Many multipurpose models come with a larger waste nozzle and a smaller one for small nooks. They can even have nozzles for cars, a brush to remove dust or a vacuum cleaner for water

Double twist hose fittings: Look for models with double twist fittings on both ends of the hose. They are more safe and convenient.

Extension rods: Look for long sticks so you can reach those high or impossible corners without having to get on a table or kneel.

Filter: Look for a cartridge-troweled filter because it lasts longer and is less prone to dust leakage than two-piece or rubber models. In turn, we recommend that you look for a model with an easy-to-replace filter.

Closing the hose: A safety lock prevents the hose from coming out and keeps it attached to the tank and the entire system.

Designs for the wall: There are models that can be mounted in clamps to the wall, without having to move them from one side to the other. However, then you can dismount them, so they remain portable and convenient

Storage: If the model is one of the most compacts, look for it without cable. In turn, if the vacuum cleaner is larger, try to buy one with cable ties and built-in storage for accessories.

Service and regular maintenance: Many models come with a warranty and say that you must take the equipment to an authorized service center so that it remains valid. However, if you are going to repair it yourself, remember to unplug it and make sure that does not invalidate the warranty.

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