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Have you run out of ideas for stunts to do on your stunt scooter? Maybe you have heard how to do a trick or see a friend perform one but are unsure how exactly to replicate it on your stunt scooter. The following lists a number of stunt scooter tricks, and the steps you need to take to perform each.

Whether performed on half-pipes, ramps, rails or bowls, stunt scooter tricks look great when photographed around the skatepark capturing stunts where they were meant to be done. It is a shame not all skateparks owner allow stunt scooters, but luckily some do.

10 Basic Tricks of Pro Scooters

Be careful when attempting each trick for the first time and always wear safety gear when riding your stunt scooter:


1. Gain a steady speed.

2. Keep your feet a little behind the middle of the stunt scooter.

3. Do a small bunny hop.

4. While you are in the air twist the bar 90 degrees.

5. When at 90 degrees, spin the bar and catch it before you land again.

6. Get back on, land and ride away.

Indian Air

1. Do a bunny hop.

2. Take your feet off the deck, putting your back foot forward and your front foot back.

3. Put your feet back on the deck of the stunt scooter.

4. Land and roll away.

Nose Manual

1. Pick up a decent amount of speed you are comfortable with.

2. Take your back foot and press on the frame lightly.

3. Lean onto your handles firmly then apply a lot of pressure.

4. Be careful not to lean too hard otherwise you will land face first.

5. Lean back and roll away.


1. Put your back foot on the brake.

2. Pull your handles up.

3. Start hopping without landing.

4. Lean forward and regain balance.


1. Do a tail whip.

2. Before you, land does a backside tail-whip (a tail whip the opposite way around).

3. Push the deck with your feet, unlike a normal Tail-whip.

4. Land and roll away.

scooter stunt pro

Stall tricks

1. Bunny hop onto a curb or platform

2. Regain your balance.

3. Lift up your wheel then do a 180 degree turn.

4. Rollaway.

Switchfoot Pogo

1. Put your back foot on the brake

2. Pull the handles up

3. Start hopping without landing

4. Switch feet

5. Start hopping again without landing

6. Switchback

7. Land

Wheel Spins

1. Put your foot on the brake.

2. Go into a tire- stall.

3. Spin around as many times as possible.

4. Land cleanly and roll away.


1. Build some speed.

2. Pull your handles up.

3. Get your balance.

4. Take one foot off the stunt scooter.

5. Land cleanly and roll away.

Wheelie pop

1. Do a wheelie.

2. Pull back firmly on the handlebars so that your scooter leans back.

3. Put your feet on the ground.

Stunt Scooter Tricks A-Z 

You may have heard a number of stunt scooter trick terms been thrown around the skatepark with no idea on what each of them means or how to perform them. Here is a glossary of 100+ popular and extreme stunt scooter tricks, with video links to riders performing them where available:

Anti-flip – a type of flip where the scooter, not the rider does a rotation

Around the world – a stunt where the rider takes the scooter around the back of his/her body

Backflip – where the whole body and stunt scooter rotate 360 degrees vertically : https://youtu.be/gckgRHceNx4

Backflip condor/no-hander – a backflip is performed with the hands extended outwards to both sides

Backflip handclap – where the stunt scooter rider does a clap during a backflip

Bar cab – a 180 degree spin is done out of a Fakie

Bar spin – spinning the bars around with your hands

Barrel roll – a sideways rotation

Bartwist – a bar spin where one hand is kept on the crossbar throughout the rotation

Bri-flip – a combination between a scooter flip and an X-up

Bunny hop – a basic jump : https://youtu.be/xqKtDo5vQLI

Buttercup – a tailwhip to a bri flip to a tail whip

Butt slide - using momentum to transfer weight onto the bottom and slide down a gradient

Cab driver – a spin, doing a truckdriver whole into a fakie

Cali slider – repositioning the feet during a slide

Casper – dropping then regrabbing the stunt scooter by using the feet to lift it upwards

Chairman – where you sit on the bars of the scooter, with feet hanging over the wheels

Cross foot- a jump with the opposite foot in front of the other

Decade – where the rider manages to spin their whole body around the deck holding into the bars

Dragon whip – a tail whip where the rotation is done by both hands holding onto the steertube

Double back flip - two consecutive back flips before landing.

Double bar spin – where the bar is spin twice before landing

Double tail whip – two consecutive tail whips

Egg plant – the rider uses a ramp to rotate and come back in the opposite direction

Fakie – riding the scooter in reverse

Fakie manual – doing a manual in reverse

Fakbie scooter brake hold – reaching down and grabbing the brake of the stunt scooter whilst in reverse

Fakie slider – riding backwards whilst sliding on the front wheel

Fast plant - using the off-deck foot to get air

Feeble grind – a grind using only the rear wheel

Finger flip – an extreme rotation of the scooter using one hand

Finger-whip – whipping the deck around with one hand

Flair – a backflip with a 180 degree spin

Flying squirrel – a name for a trick with no hands or feet on the scooter

Flip-driver – a combination between a backflip and a barspin

Foot jam – using the front foot on the front wheel for balance

Foot jam tail whip – doing a tail whip whilst on one foot of the front wheel

Foot plant – a jump using one foot on the ground for momentum

Foreward bri flip – a forward rotation of the bri flip

Frontflip – the entire body and scooter is rotated 360 degrees vertically

Front jam – a rotation 180 degrees with the foot on the front wheel

Front scooter flip - where one hand is taken off the bar furthest away and the whole scooter turns forward and back under the feet

Fufanu – landing on something with the center of the deck then pushing off again

Full cab – a backward 360 degree spin

Full whip – a tail whip and a barspin done at the same time in the same direction

Grizzly – lifting the rear leg up high whilst keeping the other leg on the deck mid-air

Hand clap – taking the hands off the bar and clapping

Handplant - using the hand to grab a surface whilst keeping the scooter in the other hand

Hang 5 – riding the scooter using only the front wheel

Heel clicker – touching heels whilst mid-air keeping both hands on the bar

Heelflip – touching the scooter bar to the ground

Heel whip – kicking the deck forwards instead of backward and rotating the deck clockwise to perform a tail whip

Hextuple whip – 6 tail whips in a single jump

Ice Pick – a grind using the rear wheel

Indy – an air trick where the rider grabs the deck of the stunt scooter mid-air

Invert -  an air trick where the rider curls around to change direction mid-air, aiming to replace the position of the bar with the shoulders

Japan – a grab trick similar to the skateboard trick of the same name

Krippleflip – flipping the scooter backward with both hands between the rider’s legs

Legsweep - a trick has done mid-air taking the leg over the handlebars

Lip side – a grind using the deck of the scooter on the lip of a pipe

Lookback ride – a scooter fakie with both feet on the deck

Manual – riding only on the back wheel whilst keeping balance

McWhip – a variation on the tailwhip with the rider spinning the back of the scooter mid-air

Mer grab – a tuck no hander where the rider grabs underneath the folding mechanism

Method – an air trick where the rider grabs the deck

Misty flip – a 180 degree rotation whilst in a backflip

Mute – a grab trick with the back foot stretched out around the back of you

Nifty – a semi turn with a grab of the front wheel

No comply – using the grounded foot to get air and do a spin

No footer – an air trick keeping only the hands on the scooter

Nose grab – grabbing the spine of the scooter whilst in the air

No hander – a trick done with no hands on the scooter.

No hander manual – pinching the bars turned to either the left or right between your knees

Nose pick – a stall on the front wheel of the scooter

Nose manual – riding on only the front wheel whilst keeping balance

Nothing – a combination of a no hander and no footer

One foot invert – an invert done with one foot only

One foot manual - a balance on one wheel of the scooter using only one foot

One hander – taking one hand off the scooter then putting it back on before landing

Penta whip – a quintuple tail whip

Pivot – using the rear wheel of the scooter as a pivot to do a 180 degree spin

Pogo – using the scooter like a pogo stick to doing as many jumps as possible

Pogo spin – spinning whilst performing pogo jumps

Pole grab – taking both hands off the handlebars and grabbing the steer tube

Powerslide – using momentum to slide and change direction with both feet on the deck

Quadruple tail-whip – four consecutive tail whips

Quintuple tail-whip – five consecutive tail whips

Rewind – a tail whip followed by another tailwhip in the opposite direction

Rodeo flip – a 360 degree spin whilst in a backflip

Rodeo grind – a one handed and one footed grind

Rotor whip – a tailwhip and barpin in the opposite direction

Samurai flip – the competition name for a bri flip

Scooter fakie – when the scooter is in a fakie position and riding so that you are going forwards and the scooter is riding the opposite way to where it is facing

Scooter fake brake hold – performing a scooter fakie whilst holding the brake of the scooter

Scooter flip – where the furthest hand is taken off the bar and the whole scooter rotates backwards and back underneath the feet

Seven – a 720 degree spin

Shifty manual powerslide – a powerslide on the rear wheel

Show whip – a tail whip without the aid of kicking the deck to turn it

Show rewind – a rewind without kicking the deck to turn it

Smith grind – grinding when the back wheel is on the surface you are grinding with the front wheel hanging over

Slider – a stylish move to get out of riding a fakie without the wheel leaving the ground

Spine transfer – going over the spine of two quarterpipes

Stalefish – a grab similar to the skateboard trick of the same name

Stair jump – jumping over a specific number of stairs

Suicide no hander – a trick performed with nothing touching the scooter

Superman – both arms and legs extended like Superman whilst mid-air

Superman deck grab - extending both arms and legs and grabbing the scooter deck out in front of you

Superman tire grab – doing a superman and grabbing a wheel whilst it is in front of you

Tailwhip – spinning the scooter around mid air

Ten – a 1080 degree spin

Three – a 360 degree spin

Three whip – a 360 degree tailwhip

Triple bar spin – where the bar turns three times whilst mid air

Triple finger whip - spinning the scooter three times by causing rotation with the hand

Truck driver – a combination of a 360 degree spin and a barspin

Tuck – where the knees are brought forward to pinch the steer tube

Tuck no hander - a tuck performed with both arms extended to the side

Turndown – a twisting maneuver performed mid air

Two man whip – a tailwhip performed with the rotation of the deck done by a second person

Twizzler – a combination of a Benihana and a bar twist

Tye grab – grabbing the stunt scooter wheel whilst mid air

Umbrella flip – taking the scooter over the head like an umbrella mid air before landing

Wall plant – landing and pushing off against a wall

Wallride – using momentum to ride along a wall

Whip cab – a 180 degree tail whip out of a fakie

X ride – having the hands crossed like an X shape on the handlebar

X up – crossing your arms in an X shape while you are holding onto the bars

Hopefully, this glossary has completed your understanding of scooter terms, and with the help of the videos, you will feel confident enough to attempt some of your own.

Have fun when performing these tricks, and also try to come up with tricks of your own!

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