Home Buying Needs vs Wants

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Home Buying Needs vs Wants


Imagine what your dream house looks like. You have particular needs, and you can’t imagine not having them fulfilled. But there are going to be some desires that you will have to let go due to affordability issues.

There is a bundle of things that are to be considered before buying a home.

Would you like to have a swimming pool? Home Buying Needs vs Wants

Where is the house located?

What makes it special?  Home Buying Needs vs Wants

What can you afford and what is out of your budget?  Home Buying Needs vs Wants

Budgeting restricts us more than anything else in most cases. While some things are necessary for any home, others will just stay on the list of desires without ever coming to reality.

You might have a first impression of what you need and what you desire to have in your new house, but having a complete checklist can prove to be complicated.

Before starting your hunt for a new home, it is advisable to make a list of all your basic needs and desires while targeting the most important ones.

Making a list and highlighting what truly matters is the way to go. On top of it all, it will make the hunt easier, but at the same time, you need to know that it’s nearly impossible to have all items checked.

Buying a house involves certain aspects, and it is not a simple process.  Home Buying Needs vs Wants

You can think about budget estimation, choosing the location of the house, contacting lenders ahead of time as well as having detailed discussions with the retailer.

It is also about avoiding traps. You need to be careful and avoid different scams that are out there.  Home Buying Needs vs Wants

It’s similarly ideal to have a list of priorities for all your requirements that are related to the new house, which you intend to buy.

Having the image of your dream home is really married with imagination.  Home Buying Needs vs Wants

Catherine Gomez Realtor

In fact, you may find that some aspects of the house you intend to buy are different. It’s not the same as what your dreams would’ve told you. Some criteria you might be looking at include:  Home Buying Needs vs Wants

  • Distance from your job
  • Nearby facilities
  • Swimming pool
  • Countertops
  • Condition of doors and windows

Different people have different requirements.

It all depends on your thought process and personality. We all understand important things and potential compromises differently.

Needs, like basic requirements, can’t be ignored or compromised. Desires, on the other hand, are to be left behind if the situation demands it. You need to make a clear distinction between what necessities are and which items you would classify as desires.

You need to acknowledge that no matter how many desires you have unfulfilled at the moment; they can be worked on at a later date. Maybe you don’t like the color of the walls or the window frames, but it’s very easy to repaint walls and change the windows later.

Without being limited by a certain budget and the basic requirements that you can’t let go of, you should be able to find a great home at an affordable price.  Home Buying Needs vs Wants

Pet Owners

The majority of people like to have pets in their homes. Some people openly confess that their children and pets are almost equals.

Pets have so much importance in their lives that some people even think that they could have children later on in life based on their relationship with their animal.

Also, those parents who have grown-up children and are alone at home have adopted a lifestyle with their pets.

Home buyers who are pet owners have specific requirements as well, they have to consider providing for their pets.

It is essential that the neighborhood in which you are going to buy a house in has no restrictions on pets. You need to be careful and have it documented.  Home Buying Needs vs Wants

Usually, pet lovers don’t like carpets, because their pets destroy all the carpet fabric and make a mess.

 If you are a pet lover it is better for you to find a home that has a fence, because the security of your pet is an important part to consider.

Then you need to consider the arrangement of rooms and the structure of the house to make sure it’s suitable for your pet(s) too.

Traffic in the area is another checkpoint because certain pets such as dogs and cats go out on the streets if the door is left open and if it’s in an area with heavy traffic then that’s a real problem.  Home Buying Needs vs Wants

If you want, you may also ask if there were pets in that house before. It is also important to have pet-friendly neighbors because otherwise if they don’t like pets, that will create trouble for you and your pet as well.

Pet services the vet should be near the house, or at least in range for a relatively short car ride.


You can’t go to buy a home without choosing a location that you like. One of the most significant decisions when buying a home is where you want to live.

 Location influences your everyday life.  Home Buying Needs vs Wants

The climate, job opportunities nearby and availability of necessary facilities are the most important aspects.

A home normally translates to peace and happiness, so the place that you choose for your house must be peaceful and at a distance from highways and other heavy traffic roads. It should also be fairly close to relatives or friends, if possible.

It is a known fact that in real estate, the most significant aspect is location.

The price is mainly based on the location and condition of the property. When someone starts looking for their house, it is important for them to consider the location and how far it is from schools, shopping areas, and other facilities.

Reviewing these points and then making a decision based on them is a wise choice because as much as you might have to pay more when you close the deal, it may actually save you from many expenses and headaches later.

Home also means comfort, and comfort can’t come if the location is not suitable.  Home Buying Needs vs Wants


If you have a family or are planning to have children soon, then having schools is undoubtedly an important consideration when buying a house.

Living in an area where good public or private schools are available will save you from later headaches.

Even if you don’t have kids yet, it’s a good idea to have quality neighborhood schools so as to increase the value of your investment when selecting the location of your new home.

If you have difficulties finding a house near some schools that meet the threshold of your standards, then you may have to change your mind and choose another house.  Home Buying Needs vs Wants

This aspect is indeed one of the primary requirements for most people.

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Different neighborhoods will have different characteristics. Sometimes, the neighborhood becomes a reason for your happiness, and sometimes it becomes a headache for you.

You must make sure to be in a neighborhood that offers the closest possible match to the kind of lifestyle that you like and the personality that you possess.

Don’t choose the wrong neighborhoods believing that it’ll work out later. Even if you have a peaceful family life, neighbors can cause problems if you aren’t in the right area.

Ideally, neighbors are the people who reach you in case of any difficulties and if they are kind, they will help you through any difficult situation you that you may encounter.  Home Buying Needs vs Wants

Good neighbors can sometimes be trusted to watch over your kids when you’re away, or take care of your pet(s). A good neighborhood is not only a blessing but also a fundamental need because without it, there could be no peace at home.

While buying a house, there can be many things that require compromises.

Compromises may arise because of your budget, personal preferences, and dislikes, the location of the home, size of the garage, community, and distance from different important areas as well as structural integrity.  Home Buying Needs vs Wants

You must carefully make your decision because buying a house is a one-time job that can hardly be undone. 

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