Why Fall Is the Ideal Time to Focus on Property-Wide Pest Control

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When the temperatures start to drop and the first chill is felt in the air, homeowners begin thinking ahead to winter. Of course, there are myriad steps to take to get your property in cold weather-ready condition. From winterizing your pipes and rechecking your insulation to caulking around drafty doors and windows and maintaining your gas logs, you can spend weeks taking care of items such as these, and for good reason. You’ll be glad you invested the time and resources into these processes once it’s too cold to do them.


Yet, one area that’s easy to neglect is that of pest control. When it becomes colder outside, critters big and small start to look for warm places to hide. That’s why it’s not uncommon to see small animals hiding on top of your wheels when you park somewhere, as they’re looking to capitalize on the warmth of the underside of your car. In the same vein, animals that used to be lurking around the outside of your property might also start burrowing underneath or up above your home, seeking that much-needed heat and reprieve they require. This is why it’s so helpful to understand effective methods of pest control and to get the process started as early in the autumn months as you can. Here are a few reasons why you should begin the steps today.


1. Your wiring depends on it.

There’s arguably nothing more disheartening than hearing a mouse or a family of mice trapped within your walls. Keep in mind, however, that the scratching and the noise are actually the least of your concerns. While they’re back there, these rodents can also feast away at your sheetrock and cause substantial damage to your interior wiring system. Thus, if you know you have this issue, don’t be surprised to find that your television suddenly goes out or your internet stops working.


2. Fall rodents are especially disease-prone.

From cockroaches to mice, fall rodents can also be disease carriers, bringing these germs into your home, where they’ll be difficult to get rid of. The former have smooth body surfaces that act as ideal carriers for some particularly icky microbes and pathogens that can be harmful to humans. Moreover, when these insects defecate, their feces can contain proteins that act as allergens within your home. Especially if you have young family members with allergies, these can be major triggers, as can their saliva or other body parts.


Not sure if you have cockroaches in your home? They’ll often leave signs that they’ve been there. They’re not discerning about what organic food matter they go after. From food scraps buried deep in your trash can to those opened containers and cereal boxes you left in the pantry by accident, they’ll eat it all. Even the glue stored in your craft closet isn’t safe from their sneaking around. Look for mounds of tiny black spots that look similar to pepper. These are their droppings, and cockroaches will usually leave them to mark where they’ve been and where they’re setting up their nest.


3. Simple preventative measures can go a long way.

While you’re preparing your home for the winter, most of those steps can also serve to safeguard your property against the intrusion of rodents and unwanted critters. For instance, sealing the cracks on the outside of your home can ensure that no bugs are able to wiggle their way through. Also, replacing weatherstripping and old, loosened mortar around draft-prone areas can act as a similar precaution. While you’re focusing on your attic this autumn to make sure your belongings are maintained and your rooms stay warm, you can also use this guide to help you identify and correct any infestation issues.


Other quick and simple steps you can take during this time include moving all firewood as far away from the home as feasibly possible to prevent termites from taking up residence near your house. The same goes for shrubbery. Cut it back so you can clearly see all the way around and underneath your bushes. While you’re at it, remember to take inventory of everything you bring inside your home. This is the time of year when it’s common for packages to arrive at your doorstep. Especially if they’ve been sitting out there a while, inspect them thoroughly before bringing them indoors to make sure no rodents or bugs are passing over the threshold as well. Also remember to bring in your pet’s food and water bowls if you feed them outside. Otherwise, you’ll be offering a feast to any hungry critter nearby as well, and chances are they’ll continue to come back to that same food source as long as you provide it.


Safeguarding Your Home This Fall and All Year-Round

The autumn months mark a defined season of change. They’re a time for making preparations and taking proactive steps toward a clean and healthy winter. While you’re going through and sealing your house up to conserve heat in the chilly months, remember to consider pests and rodents that could enter as well. By thinking ahead and taking care of a few simple steps, you could keep your home warm, secure and carefree. That makes unwinding by the fire after a long day an even greater reward.

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