Five Ways to Spruce Up Your Home’s Exterior Today

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Especially for design enthusiasts, a home’s interior is a primary talking point and focus. We spend much of our time poring over countertops, floors and finishes, and for good reason. We spend a majority of our time inside of our home and we want to make it as livable and enjoyable as possible.

Still, exteriors aren’t to be passed over. When designed creatively, they can be as entertaining and useful as our indoor spaces if not more so. Allowing us access to the outdoors, nature and al fresco dining, they’re inviting empty slates just waiting for a makeover. Whether you live in an urban oasis, sharing a rooftop patio with your neighbors or you’re out on a few sprawling acres in the countryside, there are myriad ways to make the most of the area outside of your property. Not sure where to start? Here are five ways to spruce up your home’s exterior and extend your living space today.


1. Give your front door a makeover.

This one is as easy as buying a can of paint and carving out an afternoon for a little DIY therapy. When thinking of a shade to paint your front door, consider the overall aesthetic and style of your home. One popular choice that looks great on almost every home is a punchy red shade. This is a cheery way to welcome guests and adds instant personality for very little cost. You might also stain over an existing wooden door for a rustic touch. To add retro appeal, consider installing a vintage-inspired screened storm door on the outside!


2. Install a new mailbox.

Are you still living with the same mailbox that was on the property when you moved in? Is your current one rusty with chipped paint and a flag that’s barely hanging on? If so, it’s time to upgrade! This is another one of those quick fixes that can be done in an afternoon or two. In addition to investing in a new box, think of ways to spruce up your post, as well. Enclosing it in with faux stones can add an established and stately touch. Planting a few perennial flowers around the base is a great way to add color and charm. You can even select decorative numbers at your local hardware store to stick on the side!


3. Build a privacy screen or wall.

Maybe you love your backyard, but you feel like you have little to no privacy back there because of too-close neighbors. Or, maybe you don’t have a personal backyard that’s all yours, because you live in an apartment or condo. If this is the case, your balcony might be the closest thing you have to an outdoor escape. The good news? You can still make the most of it. Build a simple wooden privacy wall to close in your space and make you feel at home. You can get creative and use the pallets to build a pattern, or you can simply create a rustic hanger to slide some curtain panels on a rod. You’ll be surprised at how a little ingenuity can equal instant privacy and make you want to spend more time outside.


4. Improve your deck.

You may have a perfectly functional deck that just needs a little sprucing up. Or, maybe you’re looking at a concrete slab that’s just begging for a deck to be built there. If you do decide to invest in one, know that in most cases, you’re upping the value of your home by doing so, making it a wise way to spend your money. If yours just needs a little TLC, start by planting some colorful flowers or greenery in large urns. Place them strategically around the deck to add visual appeal.


Then, see if there’s anywhere else on the deck you can improve. Want to turn all or a portion of it into a space where you can eat and socialize with friends? Why not install a pergola overhead to block the sun and wind? Not only are these aesthetic additions, they’re also functional and carry a range of benefits. You can read more now to discover eight more reasons why a pergola is the ideal addition to your deck or patio space!


5. Add a raised flower bed.

Even if you don’t have a ton of outdoor space, you can create a garden almost anywhere. One of the easiest ways to do so is to create a raised flower bed! As these aren’t planted in the ground, they’re ideal for small, city spaces. If you do have more land, you can still install several flower boxes. You may even use these containers to grow vegetable gardens all year-round. The good thing about raised beds is they help encourage hungry critters, deer and other wanderers to stay away. This protects your crops and helps keep them healthy against the threat of disease.


Get Started with These Exterior Renovation Projects Today

You don’t have to tackle all of these outdoor beautification projects at once. In fact, that’s the glory of this type of fixer-upper approach. When you have a free day, or some time on the weekend, you can start making steps toward completion. Pick the one you need the most or would like to try first, and get started! With just a can of paint and some lumber, you can transform your property from the outside in!

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