Four Reasons to Consider Solar Power for Your Lake Home Rental

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Do you own a lake property? If it isn’t your primary residence, chances are you rent it out to guests as a supplemental, passive income generator. This can be a great way to offset costs throughout the year and help you save for the inevitable maintenance and upkeep any property will require throughout its lifetime.


As the home’s manager, you’re looking to provide as comfortable of an experience as possible without incurring any unnecessary expenses along the way. While you might currently be achieving this through devices such as a smart thermostat that automatically control and adjust the temperature to conserve energy, there is another addition to your property you may have overlooked: solar power.


Once the panels have been installed and the initial price has been absorbed, solar power systems offer a unique and efficient way to save money on household energy costs, all while reducing your home’s carbon footprint and allowing it to capture and make use of that glorious lakeside sunshine.


Today, we’re discussing four reasons to go solar at your lake rental property, and how you can get started today.


1. Solar is the most convenient energy savings route.

Of course, there are other ways to heat, cool and power your home besides solar power. Yet, most of these other routes, including hydropower, wind power and even biomass, have yet to see the surge in technological development that solar energy has. They are also location-dependent. You have to be in a location that sees plenty of wind every day for a turbine to do its job. Yet, solar power can be captured from almost anywhere, and is especially ideal for a lake home on the water.


Today, solar panels are more affordable, manageable and sleeker than ever before. They’re also more effective. Whereas a decade ago, they were reserved primarily for forward-thinking corporations, now the average homeowner can activate solar power with a quick and seamless setup.


2. They’re longer lasting than you think.

Do you consider solar panels just a flash-in-the-pan trend that will die out before you can see a true return on your investment? If so, think again. Most solar companies will offer a warranty of 25 years, though you can expect to get much more life out of yours if they’re properly maintained. In this way, they’re more than an addition to your lake home. They’re a permanent investment into it that will continue to work for you, your children, their children and so forth.


As innovation continues to occur and technological improvements are made on a routine basis, we can only expect the durability and performance of solar panels to improve. This means you’re likely to see decades of use out of your system installation, so generations can reap its benefits.


3. They go a long way in reducing your utility bill.

Especially if you don’t live on the lake property year-round, it can be a bit disheartening to receive that utility bill in the mail every month. Thankfully, when a solar power system is installed and utilized in conjunction with other energy-saving measures such as taking shorter showers, adjusting the thermostat and more, it can greatly reduce the amount you’re used to paying.


Do you have a vacation home that’s located in a neighborhood? Thanks to government programs and incentives in place, you’re often able to sell your excess solar power to nearby neighbors or even the local utility company if your tenants don’t use all of it. In terms of saving money, consider also that a lake home solar power system instantly increases its overall value and can earn you more money if you ever choose to sell. That’s because the technology is both proven and reliable, meaning that it’s an asset to your property that can appreciate with time.


4. They offer a level of self-reliance.

There are solar panel systems that are tied to the utility grid and those that are not. If your lake home is more isolated and set apart in a remote location, solar panels can allow you to power your home even from afar, without having to pay the soaring cost of tying into the closest grid, which could be miles away depending on your location.


This level of self-reliance is key to ensuring that your property has heat and light in the middle of an inclement weather event, which could render the grid temporarily inoperable. This is in addition to the myriad tax benefits that you could see from going solar. If you think a surprise snowstorm is an unwelcome guest, consider the rising costs of traditional energy and the fluctuating numbers you’re used to seeing on your bill. Conversely, with a solar power system, you can lock in your energy costs, meaning that even if your neighbor is scratching his head over month-by-month rates that don’t add up, you understand clearly where your money is going and what it’s being used for.


Getting Started with Solar

For many rental property owners, making the decision to perform any kind of upgrade or change to their home can be intimidating. After all, it’s a spot that your family enjoys and that’s currently generating an extra income. What if the new addition doesn’t pull its weight? Thankfully, with solar power, you never have to worry about not seeing the ROI you require. Modern systems are effective, attractive, and more affordable than you think. Contact your local provider and start that conversation today. Then, the next time you’re sitting lakeside with a cool glass of water in your hand, watching the sun set behind you, you know it’s put in a full day’s work.

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