Which light bar is best Cree vs. Osram?

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Since the LED has brought a revolutionary change in the light industry, now this is the most popular and brightest light. However, you need a light bar to get the most out of this. There are many brands that are making LED bars. Whenever you will go to the market, you will find out that the market is flooded with so many brands who are claiming that they are the best. Though there are some good brands such as Cree, Osram, and others.

But finding the best one is really difficult, especially if you are not a techie.


Which light bar is best Cree vs. Osram?

Obviously, the best one is Cree LED bar. Why? Let’s see.

The first reason is its durability. If you compare the Cree led light bar with Osram, you will see that the durability of Cree led light bar is better than Osram and others as well.

Another reason is compatibility. The Cree led light bar is compatible with many LEDs. Since the Cree led light bar is the most popular LED bar, many LED companies make a deal with Cree so that their LEDs can be used in Cree led light bar. However, it is always best to use Cree LEDs to get the best from it.

And finally, they offer more brightness through the reflection it makes. That is the main thing everyone wants. The more bright lights a bar can offer, the better. Along with that, this Cree needs lower amp draw in order to operate at their highest potential.

Not only the Osram but also no other LED light bars can compete with the Cree light bars because of the number of specs it offers.


Key features of the Cree led light bar?

The Cree led light bar manages its input voltage and current equally to each of the lights. This make sure that it does not overdrive those lights.

Metalcore circuit board soak the heat that is produced from the small LED bulbs and thus protects the light from damage.

Along with that, this bar offers good airflow that will reduce the hot air inside the bar. The hot air drastically damages the light and decrease the lifetime of the bulbs. That means this will help to improve the lifetime of LED bulbs.

The Cree light bar have several LED modules or drivers so that if any of the drivers break down, that has no effect on others.


Final verdict

Overall, you can see that Cree is far way better. The best Cree led light bar will deliver you highest durability, better airflow, better brightness, better safety for the LED, better compatibility, better reflection and finally better service overall. The price of the Cree light bar is a little bit higher relative to other LED bars just because the company wants to make sure that they are providing the best one to the customers.

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