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5 Ways to Create Warmth in a Cool Room

Written by Posted On Friday, 18 January 2019 15:04


 During cold seasons, most people spend more time in their living rooms trying to keep themselves warm. Come fall or winter, all you can ask for is a warm, comfortable house to relax.

Cold seasons are inevitable. However, that does not mean freezing helplessly until the season ends. Fight the cold temperatures with the following tricks:

1. Floor Rugs

Why would anyone need a heater to warm a room if floor rugs can do the job? Having an antique style floor rug or carpet on your floor will keep your feet warm.

Get an oriental carpet with a color that blends well with the room. Warm colors will give your living area an illusion of being warm.

The impact of a floor rug in a cold room can never be ignored. The carpet’s fluffiness creates a perception of warmth. The fluffier the rug, the warmer your feet will feel.

2. Space heater

This is one of the most efficient techniques of getting rid of cold air from a room. Space heater produces warm air that replaces cold air.

High electricity bill might make this option expensive.  However, it is an effective strategy to beat the stubborn cold that you cannot fight with a mere blanket.

Handle a space heater with care as it could start a fire easily.

3. Wood fire

If you are tired of electricity bills, then this is the option for you. A wood fire can be both economical and efficient when used correctly. Other than bringing warmth, burning wood in the fireplace adds a glow to a room.

Wood burns to produce heat energy that is circulated through the room by air flow. The warm air circulation can be accelerated by using a fan.

4. Underfloor heating

Underfloor heating is a modern luxurious technique used to warm houses. This technology uses conduction, radiation, and convection to spread heat throughout the room evenly.

Underfloor heating can be applied to warm both small and spacious rooms. Unlike radiators, it occupies no space.

Many might find this technique a bit costly to install. However, it is cheap for long-term service.

5. New insulation

A poorly insulated room will only cost you huge electric bills for energy; especially during winter. Proper insulation is a cheap strategy to keep a room warm.

Central heating will not help to warm a poorly insulated room since the warm air will escape the room through radiation.

Improve a room’s  insulation by doing the following:

Chimney balloon

Using heaters to warm a room will be in vain if you still let cold air get in through the chimney; which also allows warm air out.

Get the chimney capped if you do not use it.

Get rid of the floorboards

Floorboards are fancy. However, they could be the source of the unbearable cold in your house. The gaps between the boards let in cold air as the warm air gets out.

However, you do not need to do away with the floorboards entirely. You can fill in the gaps with silicone-based filler to lock out the draught.

Image, Flickr, Creative Commons.

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