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How Long After Shocking a Pool Can You Swim?

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 02 April 2019 09:39

How long after shocking a pool can you swim? If you are a pool owner and you are planning for a pool shocking, you might have this question. Many pool owners have the same concern. Pool shocking will clean your pool water and will make it safe for your use. Mostly, people add three to five times the normal amount of the chlorine to shock their pool.

Pool shocking is not a daily activity. You will need pool shocking when you find your pool water in poor and unhealthy condition just like soon after a terrible storm. If you have a salt water generator, you should easily check the chemical level and avoid more frequent shocking.  When it comes to the waiting, many things will depend on the type of shocking you are using.

Kind of Shocking You Are Using

The type of shock will decide how long you need to wait for using your pool after shocking. The shock with chlorine will take longer than non-chlorine shock. Chlorine-free shocks will oxidize organics and bacteria without adding any chemical. If you are using non-chlorine shocks, you can use your pool one hour after shocking. Chlorine-based shock normally contains a high level of the pH and that will alter chlorine levels and pH levels. In general, you need to understand the type of chemical you are using to know how long you will have wait after shocking.

How Long Should You Wait Exactly? - When to Take A Dive

Alkalinity, Clarifier, and pH

If you are adding alkalinity, clarifier, and pH, you will have to wait at least twenty minutes after adding them in the pool water.

Calcium Chloride

When calcium chloride is added to raise calcium hardness, you should wait for two to four hours to swim.

Shocking with Chlorine

If you are shocking your pool with chlorine, you need to wait for twenty-four hours for using your pool. It is suggested to test first.

Muriatic Acid

Muriatic acid is known for creating a hotspot of acid in the pool water that can irritate and even burn your skin. Therefore, it is suggested to wait for thirty minutes after adding it to the pool.


While adding algaecide, you need to wait at least fifteen minutes for using your pool. Algaecides are safe to swim and will not harm your skin.


If you are adding flocculant in your swimming pool, you should avoid using your pool until it is perfectly settled to the bottom of your pool and the waste is vacuumed. Floc reduces the effectiveness of your pool water.

Liquid Chlorine

It will depend on the size of your pool and the quantity of the chlorine. It is suggested to wait for at least four hours after adding liquid chlorine in the pool. Also, you can wait until the level reaches 5 ppm or even lower.

Final Words

Now you know how long after shocking a pool can you swim. As stated earlier, the waiting time will mostly depend on the chemical you are adding to shock your pool. Whether you’re shocking your pool with chlorine, muriatic acid, floc, or any other type of pool cleaner, it’s best to know how long to wait before you can take another dive into your pool.

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