10 Reasons Your Backyard Needs A Stone Path

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10 Reasons Your Backyard Needs A Stone Path Photo by Mr Cup / Fabien Barral on Unsplash

Stone paths and pave ways can dress up a backyard just as effectively as plants and flowers. Transforming a bare lawn or creating zones in your yard can be as easy as laying down a walkway.

The biggest benefit of a stone path in your backyard is the variety of design options and choices it gives you. Stones come in a whole range of sizes, colors, and textures which makes it easy to suit any taste or style.

Stone paths can link areas, lead you to new areas and focal points, and guide you throughout the garden to create a sense of discovery and wonder. They are as much a visual interest point as they are functional. Here are 10 reasons your backyard needs a stone path.

1. A range of design options

Stone paths come in a range of different designs to suit any type of backyard or garden setting.

Informal garden: Informal gardens come alive with an informal pathway of gravel or stone pebbles meandering through shrubs and overgrown plants. Informal paths can be casual trails blending in with the natural landscape to give a rustic appearance. Cover with mulch or line with garden pebbles for an informal yet decorative garden walkway.

Formal garden: Stepping stones are a great contrast to manicured lawns and landscapes, teaming well with elegant plants and garden features. Planting brightly colored flowers around the pavers makes an attractive visual and softens the edges to make the pathway look more ‘worn-in’. Stepping stones can be cut to a range of shapes and sizes to achieve any look that you envision.

Classic pathway: Combining natural stone with bricks can create an intriguing walkway and is great for rounded or wandering edges. Create a wave effect to inspire a movement to your pathway as you walk through the landscape.

Stone edges: There’s no rule against using the lawn as a pathway and stone pavers to edge it, creating an interesting border and contrast.

Mix and match: Combining large rectangular slabs of stone with rounded pebbles and smooth rocks creates visual interest and looks fantastic in a native garden.

Textured path: Laying smooth flat pavers over garden pebbles or river rocks is a design option that works well for covering up a French drain or any uneven surface that collects water.

2. Durability

One of the major benefits of natural stone paths is that they are naturally tough and durable, making them long-lasting. No matter the weather or the amount of foot traffic they receive, stone paths never deteriorate. Natural stone is also moisture and slip resistant, ensuring that your family and loved ones are safe when walking on them.

3. Low maintenance

Because of the natural durability and longevity of natural stone, these pavers are low maintenance and require little to zero upkeep. You will never have to worry about repairing cracks or other types of damage. Cleaning stone paths are easy, all that is required is to hose them down with the garden hose. Natural stone doesn’t absorb stains, so you don’t have to worry about wasting time scrubbing or cleaning any spills.

4. Can be used to create outdoor zones and spaces

A stone path can be used to divide your garden and help to define an area. Use stone paths to act as a border in your backyard, clearly creating and defining zones or different spaces in your garden. Try laying down smoothly finished slate tiles in your outdoor entertaining area and then lead guests on beyond the space by creating a meandering pathway into your garden using sandstone stepping stones to create a sense of intrigue.

5. Health Benefits

The uneven surface of stone paths has shown to have health benefits for the feet. Reflexologists state that walking barefoot along stones stimulates the feet’s reflex points which improves blood circulation, enhances digestion, improves balance, and reduces stress, tension, and physical pain.

6. Adds value to your property

Any visual improvement to a garden or backyard instantly lifts a property’s curb appeal and increases its market value - so long as you know your costs and stick to a budget (this renovation calculator will help). As soon as someone enters your house and steps out into the backyard, they will see an attractive pathway that acts as a focal point to further enhance the garden and property. Having stone paths in the front of your home, leading from the street to your entrance way is inviting and will be the first thing that people - and potential buyers - will see. You can even have a shed that matches your garden theme at the end of that stone path.

7. Adds a natural, rustic look

Natural stone not only ages graciously, but natural weathering can actually make it appear even more attractive. The natural material is aesthetically pleasing and enhances a native garden. Unlike manufactured pavers, the natural stone doesn’t always come in the same size or finish which gives it a more vintage, rustic appearance. The variations mean you can dress up a garden without it looking too imposing or artificial.

8. Great for multi-level gardens

Stone paths are the perfect solution to creating a functional walkway along with a multi-level garden and retaining walls. Retaining walls may be built or clad with natural stone and blended together with a natural stone pathway to create character and depth to an uneven garden. Stepping stones can be used to climb up different levels giving the yard a more natural appearance and creating ease of movement.

9. Easy Installation

Laying stone paths and stepping stones is a job that anyone who is willing, can do. You don’t have to be a skilled mason to install a stone path, you just need a bit of focus and strong arms to lift and lay the stones.

Of course you can call in the experts to help install your stone path, but if you’re doing it yourself all you need to do is arrange your pavers in the design you’ve planned and then once happy with the layout, prep the walkway base by cutting through the turf around the stone and digging out the soil before setting the pavers in place.

10. Cost-effective

Fortunately, because of the variety of stone pavers and options available you can be sure to find a pathway solution to suit your budget. Stone pathways are also a great long-term investment, adding to the overall value of your property. This ensures you are getting value for money, especially since natural stone paths stand the test of time.

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