Realtors suck! What do they do all day anyway?

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I often am asked the question, "what do you do all day when you're not at an open house, Glenn". It's easy for me to forget the general public's opinion on Realtors and real estate brokers. It's based on gossip and reality television. In this article, you'll get the inside scoop of the day in the life of an active Realtor. Spoiler alert, It's not spent rubbing shoulders with socialites in-between multi-million dollar real estate deals. For the few of us that are successful, it's a daily grind. If you don't absolutely love real estate, you'll end up sucking, and burn out fast.  

First, there are no set days or hours for a real estate agent. That doesn't mean we're lying by the pool sipping cocktails. Each day is unique and different. A new day means new responsibilities, new clients and new challenges. However, there are some typical activities that complete a day in the life of a real estate agent.     

Generating Leads 

Without clients, there will be neither commissions nor transactions. An out of work Realtor will quickly find him/herself putting their resume together for another job. That explains why an agent strives to find new clients on a daily basis. 

To generate potential clients, a real estate agent employs a strategy known as a sphere of influence. This entails reaching out to friends, colleagues, family members and neighbors to generate leads. To an agent, every person is a potential client. Therefore, a real estate agent will do everything to meet and speak with a lot of people in order to grow their network. Then continually follow up with those people trying not to become annoying.


I enjoy writing. Most days I like to blog about deals I'm currently in and tips of the trade. The internet has a lot of untruthful noise mixed in with helpful information. I do my best to be as transparent and clear as I can, with adding a bit of shock value and laughs so it's not too dry. 

Other agents prefer to send postcards, market updates, sponsored banners at local schools, online advertisements, social media advertisements, Google Adwords, door knocking and more. A marketing budget of $5,000.00 a month is typical for a Los Angeles agent and plenty of agents invest much more in their business. You didn't see that coming, did you?

Buyer's Agent Specialist

Another daily role of an agent is to work on behalf of a homebuyer's best interest. Yep. This means most of their work takes place outside the office. An agent will, therefore, hold regular meetings to discuss the client's needs usually over lunch or at a coffee shop. Others go the extra mile to attend MLS property tours in order to see homes which may be a good fit for their clients soon as they are listed on the market.    

Agents may help a client secure a mortgage, educate them about up-and-coming neighborhoods, schedule property tours, submit offer packages, negotiate deals, or set up property inspections once in escrow.

Listing Agent 

An agent also works to meet the seller's requirements. They prepare a CMA (comparable market analysis) and take listing appointments. The typical protocol with houses they list is helping with repairs then staging and photography. When it looks nice and shinning the house is positioned in the market to attract multiple offers. 

If the house is listed for too much money it doesn't get offers and sits. Once in escrow, the listing agent will negotiate a deal and do everything they can to make sure the seller keeps every penny of the contract price in their pocket. 

Listing agents can also be buyer's specialists. That's right. There isn't a special certificate or license. I work on both sides of the real estate fence every day with listings and active buyer clients. In fact, when you're selling your home you would be smart to work with a listing agent who is also a buyer's specialists. Doesn't it make sense to hire a listing agent who understands what the buyer's agents strategies will be once in escrow?    


There is a lot of paperwork involved when buying or selling a property. My partner and broker of record Kendall manage our escrow files and disclosures. Other agents and brokers hire a (TC) transaction coordinator to help manage their paperwork. Other agents like to manage their own files. 

Stressed out Realtor

Responding to leads

As I mentioned earlier, there are no set hours or days or punch clocks for a real estate agent. This means an agent can receive inquiries and emails regardless of when and where they are. Due to the nature of the real estate industry, Realtors are required to offer immediate responses. If a client contacts an agent about a property, they must respond right away or risk losing a prospective client.

Continuing education

It's important to me that I keep my pencils sharpened. Classes and certificate programs for continuing education are helpful. I am also a Forbes Real Estate Counsel member as a contributing author. This forum is geared more towards industry leaders, sharing information and ideas in a changing market. 

Whatever education the agent choices is best for them, all serious agents are well informed on the changes and trends in the real estate industry. This dedication requires a Realtor to seek relevant education on real estate issues, conducting research on the market trends, participating in unveiling technology events and networking meetings, viewing the new property listings and more.   

Being accountable

After selling a property, a professional agent doesn't disappear. They will keep in touch with the new homeowner and continue working with them as a client on any issue that may arise. This includes guiding them on additional fees, property taxes or any other legal concerns.   


Some Realtors do suck, and they usually aren't actively working for very long in our industry. Then there are the few Realtors who work 80 plus hour work weeks always on call for their clients striving to learn more each day. It's not a job to them. It's a lifestyle over exceeding their client's expectations every single day. Yeah, I'm the latter guy. 


Glenn Shelhamer is a Real Estate Advisor and team lead of The Shelhamer Real Estate Group | Realpro Eastside with offices in Los Angeles, CA. Glenn has a consistent, undisputed track record as a top-producing real estate agent, and as a leader in the Los Angeles real estate market, pushing him to the top of any list of outstanding agents to work with. Whether you're a first-time homebuyer or seasoned real estate investor, Glenn will exceed your expectations every time. 

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