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Garage Door Making Loud Noise

Written by Posted On Monday, 22 April 2019 13:49
Garage Door Making Loud Noise Garage Door Making Loud Noise Garage Door Making Loud Noise

There is no doubt that there are many beneficial features of garages. However, garage doors age eventually, so they can start making noises that are highly uncomfortable and disturbing. If your garage door making loud noise constantly, then you have reasons to find this article interesting and informative. The cause of the noise can also cause irreparable damage to the garage door over a period of time if not repaired quickly. Hence we are sharing some useful tips for keeping the garage door free from noises, and also ensure that it remains in the best of working condition.

Garage Door Making Loud Noise - How to Fix it

Find Out Reasons For Noise

There could be many reasons for the noise emanating from the garage door. It could be because of constant banging. Unbalanced doors, rattling, poor lubrication, loosened bolts and nuts, and wrong installation are often the main causes for noise in the garage doors. Even if the hinge or roller is loose, it could lead to unpleasant noise on the tracks. Hence, it is important to identify the source of noise and then take remedial actions accordingly. Further, you also should take care of your garage door through regular preventive maintenance and overhauling and this could go a long way in ensuring that it remains in good shape at all points of time.

While you could identify the problem on your own, you may require the help and assistance of professionals to take care of the job because of obvious reasons of experience and expertise. Here are some proven and time-tested ways and means that could help in preventing unpleasant noise from garage doors.

Are Nuts And Bolts Tightened

Garage doors often come with around hundreds of screw, nuts, and bolts. If a few of them are loose and not functioning properly, it could lead to a lot of noise. You can overcome this problem by spending a little time and tighten the screws and nuts on a regular basis. This can be done by you and you do not need professional help at all points of time.

Importance Of Lubrication And Replacing Rollers

Garage door rollers have to be inspected regularly. This can be done while opening and closing the door. In many cases, damaged rollers could be the reason for the noise and the squeaking sound could be a big botheration. The rollers are subject to wear and tear every time they move on the track. Hence, there could be a need to replace the rollers whenever the noise becomes a bit too much. This also will ensure that the overall life and durability of the garage doors will increase quite significantly.

Garage Door Spring Lubrication Or Replacement

The springs that are located at the top of the door are often a common reason for loud noises in the garage doors. You must ensure that the springs are lubricated at least ten to fifteen times a year or even more. Further, there is a possibility of the springs wearing off as they age. In such situations, you must not delay replacing the garage door springs.


The above are a few of the tips and suggestions that could help you to answer the question as to why the garage door making loud noise. Noise in garage doors is precursor of something being wrong. Therefore, it is best to have it corrected as early as possible.

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