Shallow End of Pool Depth

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Shallow End of Pool Depth Shallow End of Pool Depth Shallow End of Pool Depth

Designing a swimming pool comes with its fair share of challenges and troubling questions you will have to address. The issue of depth, if not well thought out before installing a pool can really compromise your pool’s integrity. The right pool depth will allow you to make the most of your pool while the wrong depth can render your pool unusable. There are plenty of issues to consider and one of the most crucial is the shallow end of pool depth.

Shallow End of Pool Depth - Recommendations from the Pros

Some people enjoy diving into the deep end, others enjoy lounging and just taking it easy. Whatever your preference, different pool depths suit different needs. Considering different activities in relation to different pool depths can help you determine the right size and depth for your pool.

Multiple Depth Swimming Pools

Multiple depth swimming pools are quite popular as they offer varying options. They typically consist of a deep end and a shallow end, allowing you to utilize your pool in many different ways. A traditional pool will have a shallow end on one side, usually about 3.5 feet deep and gradually drops to 5 feet or deeper. Keep in mind that deep pools require more maintenance

Playing Games and Swimming Laps

If you intend to use your pool for playing games such as volleyball, basketball or even water aerobics, then a pool depth of about 4 feet would be ideal. At 4 feet deep, you can easily move for gameplay or workouts. This height is also great for swimming laps as it allows for free range of motion.

Tanning Ledge/Shallow Play Area

A tanning ledge, or shallow play area, is roughly 18 inches deep, making it safe and easy to watch your kids while they’re in the pool. Just as with game players and water aerobics, children love to have free range of motion. The shallow water depth allows them to feel comfortable while having fun in the water. If the little swimmers are a bit older, consider simply extending your shallow edge a few feet because the shallow end is typically 3.5 feet deep.


When lounging in the water, you want it to be right around waist level. It goes without saying that height will vary from person to person but it’s not advisable to build a pool shallower than 3.5 feet.


A pool with a diving board requires to be at least 8 feet on the deep end. Diving boards were quite popular but their popularity has diminished significantly, and they should never be installed on the shallow end of the pool. Diving can also be extremely dangerous if it’s not done properly.

Bottom Line

The average shallow end of pool depth is about 3.5 feet deep. It’s best to talk with your pool builder on the proper depths of your pool based on your needs. You’ll also want to consider the swimming skills of those who will be using the pool. You don’t want to overlook your pool depth, as this could be a mistake you regret later on.  

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