Adding a New Twist to ‘Tried and True’

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It’s been said, “If we keep doing what we’ve always done, we’ll keep getting the same results,” which is great if you’re already on the right track. But if your results have been less than stellar, you may want to re-think your strategy. If you’re stuck in a rut and your sales are languishing, it’s time to add a new twist to those old tried-and-true tactics and strategies.

To kick it up a notch, here are three sure-fire tips to refresh and reignite your business, and get more measurable results!

1. Stop playing and start planning.

A business plan is the blueprint that keeps you on track when the craziness of this business throws you off schedule. Too many agents write a plan each year that’s really just a wish list of what they’d like to accomplish—and then it’s tucked away out of sight and never looked at it again. With no action plan in place, no way to measure results, no idea of how much to budget, and no scheduling, the likelihood of actually attaining those goals gets bleaker every day.

Top agents understand that their strategic partners can augment and support their prospecting activities and expand resources—and they build this into their business plan. For example, with a detailed weekly plan, your loan originator can be your best referral partner, but only if you’re diligent about deliverables and expectations, measured regularly with short, consistent contact for clear communication. If you haven’t added this to your goals this year, dust off your business plan and start planning, schedule execution, and monitor and measure your results often.

2. Update that listing presentation.

Have you ever taken a look at your listing presentation through the eyes of a potential seller? Go through every step of your listing presentation and make note of how it’s different from--or better than--your top competitor. If you were seeing this for the first time, what would be your impression? Do you include a demonstration of how you incorporate the latest tools, platforms and systems to attract buyers, with incubation and engagement systems to nurture and serve those leads? While the largest percentage of purchases over the last three years has been made by millennials, the average age of the real estate agent is 58. Make sure your communication and marketing is engaging to all generational segments—and that you’re up-to-date on the tools that are critical to win today’s tech-savvy consumers.

If you haven’t added a digital dimension to your listing presentation, you are stuck in yesteryear. Engage your prospects with real-time connectivity, video clips of area lifestyle, up-to-the minute reports on property absorption rates and live viewing of similar property options in adjoining areas.

Expand the experience for the seller with support from your manager and other strategic partners with a pre-appointment contact designed to create implied endorsement of your services, and demonstrate that you have a team of professionals ready to get their property sold.

3. Kick up your marketing from plain to premium.

Today’s sellers have heard it all. If you offer what everyone else offers, you will compete on price and personality. Top agents understand the power of exceptional marketing that demonstrates real proof of their reach. Interactive Voice Response systems, single-property websites, premium open house strategies and Facebook Business page promotions are just a few of the initiatives that’ll help you stand apart.

Include traditional marketing elements like postcard campaigns that incorporate your lender partner’s expertise for helping prospects trade up, scale down, or find their forever home. Engage the local neighbors in a Find a New Neighbor campaign, offer calls to action that allow your lender partner to offer an annual mortgage check-up, or an identity theft screening, even if there’s no immediate need to list or sell.

Adding a dash of exceptional to your marketing program will help you stand out. Adding a new twist to the tried-and-true will help get you into the profit zone.

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