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Ask any entrepreneur what they need to make more sales, and no matter their profession, they will most likely say leads.

But the reality is, you don’t need more leads! Just like referrals, they’re simply one part of your business and without a plan to convert those leads, you’re not going to see your sales increase. That’s right! What really counts is your conversion rate, which explains a great deal about the quality of the lead and the quality of the system used to convert that lead into a closed transaction.

Is it better to have one hundred leads or ten leads? Well, that all depends on your ability to convert those leads into closed transactions. The difference between succeeding and struggling lies in the word “engage.” The challenge is to shift your mindset from focusing on the acquisition of more leads to a higher conversion rate for leads already generated.

The best strategy for converting more leads to profits might just be in the “conversation” that begins the moment the prospect raises his or her hand and ends with a closed transaction. The evidence lies in the scripting and resources top agents use to achieve an impressive conversion rate.

The Truth About Scripts

A lot of agents resist using scripts and dialogues, complaining that “it doesn’t sound like me.” The reality is, using a script has never been about memorizing someone else’s words, but rather, understanding the reasons for objections and how to best determine what that prospect needs to meet their real estate objectives.

Automation Often Leads to Abdication

Automation is great, but it leads to abdication when a personal connection is missing. Consider deploying multiple channels to connect. Top performing agents know that picking up the phone to call a prospect over emailing or texting helps keep the connection personal and consistent. Knowing what to say, and when and how to say it, is key to advancing the connection to more sales. Of course, it’s important to understand your prospects preferred method of communication, and employ that as often as possible.

Automation with the Personal Touch

Consider using a comprehensive outreach strategy to reach sellers via direct mail, a Facebook ad, and a landing page offering information about the pros and cons of a seller’s market. This will pique sellers’ interest about finding out the current value of their home, and they can register online to get a free property evaluation.

Once the prospect signs up, it sets the stage for a follow-up contact that allows you and your team to use a scripted outline to determine their level of motivation.

If the prospect is interested in a more accurate competitive market analysis, your response will be different than the reply to the homeowner who is solely interested in staying in their home. By using scripts to better understand the needs and interests of the prospect, you can confidently offer information that fits each individual’s needs beyond the scope of an automated drip system—and with impressive results.

Practice, Practice, Practice

You can always tell when you’re talking to someone who is reading a script and only paying attention to what they need to say next. Don’t make that mistake! For a script to be effective, you have to practice it and own that dialogue as your own.

Understand the reason for the script, practice it, customize it, and become great with your delivery of it. Role play the script with a friend, family member, or other agent in your office until it feels natural to you for best results.

When you understand the power and premise behind a script, you build confidence and have a better understanding of how to provide the leadership to help prospects with their specific needs. Isn’t it time you change your attitude about scripts? Brush up on some great scripts today to convert more of your leads to sold!

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