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Do you ever catch yourself thinking (or saying) things like:

• It’s not my fault….
• The market is so slow right now…
• There’s too much inventory right now, no one is buying…
• People don’t buy during the holidays….
• The economy is shaky—people don’t want to buy….

I’m confident you truly believe what you are thinking, and maybe even have a few examples to back up your thoughts—but what if you are wrong? Really, really wrong? 

The truth is people are making life-changing decisions and housing transitions every single day, regardless of how bad your market is, or the economy, or any other factor.  The question is: If these people have to move, are they calling YOU? 

We always look for options to validate what we see, but that thinking will keep you stuck. Your job is to be positioned to be that one solution that people want whenever their life changes require the need to sell or buy.

If you don’t believe me, just look at your local MLS and review the newest listings that came on the market this month, the last two weeks, and even yesterday!  Unless you are living in a highly rural area, there will be properties that are new on the market, recently under contract, or finally closed. Even in the worst of economies, there is still activity in the real estate market.

A large percentage of your competition is buying into that loser attitude—don’t be one of them! To succeed in this real estate, you need to take the attitude of a winner—and winners work while everyone else isn’t.

Here are ways to drum up quick business when everyone else is waiting for the market to “return to normal”.


Check out newly listed properties and deploy circle prospecting around those listings. In the case of a single-family property, identify the ten properties on either side of that listing and the 20 across the street and deliver, mail or knock the doors asking for their help to “find a new neighbor”.  Statistics prove that these 40 targeted properties are highly likely to either know someone who really wants to buy in their area, or are thinking of selling. If you do the math and perform one of these circle prospecting activities a day, by focusing on one property a day, five days a week for a month you will rack up over 800 touches a month. 

Get Neighborly:

Follow it up with a “thanks for your help” note and include introducing a new neighbor and you are close to an incredible 1600 touches without a huge investment of time and money. Consider hosting a short house warming party to help new neighbors get acquainted for added impact!

Get Face to Face: 

While the bulk of agents slow down at the end of the year, top producers harness the power of face-to-face connections.  Even if your market hits a short lull, take advantage of this time to meet, socialize and celebrate your sphere of influence, past clients, and prospects with an annual pie event at Thanksgiving, a food drive for the local food pantry, or a holiday wine and cheese event. 

Ready, Set, Go!

Grab this time to jump start your next year’s production in a 90-day launch with strategies that follow up, confirm contact information, and get re-connected. Make sure to update your contacts in your CRM with any life changes they may have had, like a new baby, a job change, or the loss of a parent.  Schedule annual home pricing reviews, or innovative mortgage updates at small gatherings, or plan one-on-one meetings. 

Don’t let the weather, the season, the temperature, or any other excuse deter you from these prospecting activities that guarantee connection and keep you front of mind.   Ignore the excuses and create new opportunities for high visibility and profitability! 

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