Do I Need a Termite Bond?

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They may creep up in your home without you knowing – yes, we are talking about disgusting termites! Known as silent killers, these pests feed on flooring and wood completely undetected, until you notice some signs. If you have encountered such a problem before, you must be familiar with pest control services and bonds. For termites, a termite bond can be in place. “But do I need a termite bond?” Let’s answer that in this post.

Do I Need a Termite Bond?

If you’re unsure of whether you need a termite bond or not, then this article will outline the cases in which you should consider one.

What is a Termite Bond and What Are They For?

Think of a termite bond as a maintenance agreement – a warranty between you and the termite company. There are cases where termite infestation returns after successful control services, so a termite bond is there for your peace of mind.

Such bond issues a termite warranty certificate, and it usually consists of two essential elements:

  1. Agreement to carry out inspections for the duration of the contract, which is typically two years. Termite inspections can be implemented quarterly, annually, or on a schedule agreed between the two parties.
  2. Agreement to give control and treatment in case of termite infestation.

These two elements do not require extra fees; however, many bonds include an upfront service that you need to pay before inspections.

There are a few termite bond pros and cons. A termite bond plays a significant role when buying or selling a house. A pest inspection is usually required before buying or selling, and a house with termites are more likely to cause a problem in the process. This is why it’s always important to familiarize yourself with the signs of termites before any major damage has happened. 

Moreover, not all homes are eligible for a repair bond, and many service providers only cover for retreating the affected structure and do not provide for damage repairs. Before you enter into a bond, make sure to clarify whether or not repair and retreatment are included or just the latter. Inquire about associated costs and eligibility as well.

Where Can I Get It? 

Termite bonds can be issued only by authorized pest control service companies. You can ask your home inspector to connect you with a certified service provider or inquire about the pest control company he works with.

Do I Need a Termite Bond?

A termite bond is extremely necessary under two circumstances:

  • If you recently discovered a termite infestation within your home; and
  • If you are planning to sell your house.

Discovery of a termite infestation can delay your selling plans, so before you undergo a home inspection, getting a termite bond is a good idea. The same is true when you recently had an infestation and are concerned about it creeping up your home again.

It is also good to know that termite bonds can either be transferable or non-transferable. A transferable bond is obviously the better option, as it allows you to transfer the bond to a new homeowner should you plan to sell your house.

How Much Does It Cost?

Termite bond costs vary depending on the duration of the bond, the services included, and other relevant factors. On average, the initial service of a standard termite contract for a residential house can cost between $700 and $1000; however, it can still go down if the arrangement is simple.


Do you have to have a termite bond?

A termite bond is necessary if you plan to sell your house or if you are worried that a recently treated termite infestation might return. You may ask, should I renew my termite warranty? Yes, especially if you are in the process of selling a house, it is a great idea to renew your termite bond.

What does a termite look like?

Termites are insects that have straight antennae, thick waist, and short legs. The wings of a termite are of the same length as its body. Termites are serious pests, and while a single termite does not look so dangerous, a whole colony can cause serious damage to the structure of your house as they eat wood and can eat it relatively quickly and enjoy water. To get rid of them, you can either reach out to professionals or create your own home remedies to kill the termites

What is a transferable termite bond?

A termite bond is like any other bond – it is a legally binding contract between you, the homeowner, and a pest control service provider. Before entering into such an agreement, check if it is transferable or not. A transferable termite bond can be transferred to the next homeowner.

Bottom Line 

You might wonder, “Do I need a termite bond?” As small as they are, termites can cause serious structural home damage and possibly return even after significant control efforts. For your peace of mind, a termite bond can come to the rescue. It is a warranty contract between you and the service provider for termite control services. As a homeowner, having a termite bond is advisable especially if you want to keep your home from termites or are planning to sell your house.

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