Benefits Of Pruning Trees Around Your Home Before Selling

Posted On Wednesday, 22 April 2020 23:24

Buyers like to purchase a home with a curb appeal that has a little bit of greenery around it. Adding trees to your property can be a worthwhile investment, especially if you are looking to stay in your home for the next couple of years before selling it. 

Trees usually increase the value of your home as they grow. So, planting a tree and letting it grow for at least five years can have a positive impact on your home’s overall value over the following years. But how does pruning trees around your home actually help increase the value of your property before selling it?

Pruning Trees Before Selling Your Home

Growing trees around your home also comes with the additional responsibility of regularly pruning them. Pruning is especially important before you consider selling your home. Here are some benefits and reasons for why you should prune trees encircling your home before putting it up for sale:

1. Pruning Can Increase The Overall Value Of Your Home

They say that a kitchen or bathroom remodel can help increase a home’s overall value by a very good percentage. The same can also be said about adding trees around your property and pruning them regularly. 

Nicely pruned trees can give your property an attractive look from the outside. This can help increase the chances of your home getting sold. According to experts in this field, like Tree Service Arlington, you’d be surprised to see just how much people prefer to buy a home with some trees surrounding it. 

2. Pruning Can Create Curb Appeal

If you haven’t done any landscaping for your home before, simply pruning your trees can help create curb appeal for your property. You can’t sell your home without making it look good first. Also, nothing can discourage buyers more than seeing a property with an overgrown tree that has branches hanging over the house. 

For this reason, it is recommended to amp up the curb appeal of your property by pruning the trees in your front and backyard. This will play an important role in showing off the beauty of your home’s exterior. Well-maintained green areas are also sought after because they indicate that you take proper care of your property.   

3. Attract More Potential Homebuyers

If you are selling your home now, chances are you might be unintentionally scaring off potential buyers. Keep in mind that when you sell your house, it doesn’t just mean that you are selling only your house. It also means that you are selling all the shrubs, trees, plants, and everything that is in your front and backyard. 

If you suspect that your unkempt yard is actually chasing away potential buyers instead of attracting them, you should seriously consider doing some landscaping. This can transform your green area from a space that looks horrible to one that will entice potential purchasers. It is worth noting that your home’s exterior is one of the key elements that will attract homebuyers. They would have to be attracted to the exterior of your home first before you can draw them inside.

If you don’t have the budget to design a garden, you can at least prune the trees, shrubs, or other plants in your yard to create a look that would charm onlookers. 

4. Pruning Can Help Prevent Trees From Coming Too Close To Your House

Trees are indeed a good addition to your property as they can make your home appear cozy and give it a natural vibe. But, they can also hide your house and prevent natural light from coming inside your house.

It is recommended that you should plant trees at least 20 feet away from the house so that they can grow freely. You should also prune their leaves and branches on a regular basis so that they won’t get close to your house. Trees translate into good value for your home but if they are concealing it, they won’t contribute much when the time comes for you to sell your property. 

Final Thoughts

There are many homeowners who neglect the importance of trees around their properties. Indeed, money doesn’t really grow on trees but a healthy and well-maintained tree can bring financial benefits to a homeowner. It can increase the property value by a significant percentage while making it look attractive at the same time. 

So before you put your home on the market, be sure to check the condition of the trees around your yard. A little bit of pruning can have a huge impact on whether you get a sale or not.

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