Tips for Being Fashionably Professional From NY Fashion Designer Hilton Hollis [VIDEO]

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What is your default uniform?  You know, that one pair of slacks that is your “go to” first choice, or that favorite sweater that looked really good a few years back and well today…not so much!  It’s really a challenge to get out of a comfort rut when it comes to what we choose to wear every day. But what if you could get a little help to re-imagine how to use what you already have to pump up your look, to feel more confident and look great. 

Every day we know we have to get geared up, dressed and out the door or on camera.  If you are looking at launching a refreshed personal look to improve confidence, feel better and save time and stress you would be right to get the services of a fashion stylist to get the job done. 

It starts with a couple of simple steps that are guaranteed to improve your time, your look and feel better!  Here are a few tips from our interview with fashion stylist,  Lauren Draffin

• You might not realize how much time you waste digging through a lot of outfits that no longer fashion forward.  If you haven’t spent some time to check out what you have in your closet, consider the services of a professional to weed out the oldies and not so goodies, and sort through the years of pile up to organize and streamline your clothing and accessory choices to start your day in a new and refreshing way.  Lauren has a keen eye for spotting what pieces will work together in ways you never thought about, or releasing those items that you just don’t wear anymore, or may be in need of serious repairs.  Block an hour or two with a professional to get that project started.

• If you have recently been in a life transition, what you wear and how you wear it may have a significant impact on how you suit up every day.  As an example, if you are a new mom, trading in items that require dry cleaning can be replaced with easier care items to accommodate that new baby.   If you are launching a new career, the attire choices may be quite different than what you presently have available.  Getting a professional to guide you with new basic choices will save you money and time. 

• Speaking of saving time….are you a busy professional with no time to really shop?  A wardrobe stylist can help you by providing personal shopping services.  A top level stylist will assess your present closet items to get a visual idea of your style and preference.  To save you time, your stylist will already be familiar with where to buy what you need, actually purchase the items and take them to your home for total time saving convenience.   What a great way to look great and not have to slug through several stores and hope to find what you are seeking. 

• Gift shopping?  A wardrobe consultant with great style can help you with gift purchases for that special someone in your life. Think about how well received a “personal wardrobe stylist gift certificate” might be for that someone who has “everything!”   The one thing no one can buy is time, so a time saver like a personal shopper might be the best “gift card” you can buy. 

Nothing improves self-confidence like a new you!  One of the challenges of life changes is “seeing” yourself differently.  Find a wardrobe consultant that can help you consider new designs that you felt were never an option.  It’s always a good time to review how to streamline and prioritize what we do and how we do it.  Treat  yourself the services of a fashion professional to jump start your new you now! 

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 A bit about Hilton:

HiltonHollisThe designer is a native of Mississippi, where his love of sewing and design was nurtured by his grandmother, a master quilter. “I always dreamed of moving to New York to be a fashion designer,” he says. “I didn’t know how I’d get there, or when, but I had a subway map pinned to my wall. Before I was 13, I knew the city by heart.”

In 1997 Hollis moved to NYC and began his career in the fashion industry by attending Fashion Institute of Technology.  He holds a degree in Fashion Design from New York’s FIT.

Wherever his career led, Hollis never lost sight of his goal to head his own business. In fact, he launched his own eveningwear line when he was just two years out of college. Unfortunately, time wasn’t on his side then: “I opened the showroom on September 10, 2001,” he says. “Like just about everything else in New York it all came to a screeching halt the next day.

Over a decade ago, Hollis’s dream of launching his own company was reborn. “My aim is to make a product that is specifically targeted to the Hilton Hollis customer and to give her clothes that she can integrate into her wardrobe and wear happily for years,” he says. The line has the contemporary feel, classic fit, and technical virtuosity that are hallmarks of the Hilton Hollis style. Every collection features flawless tailoring, luscious imported fabrics—many of which Hollis designs himself—and they transcend the off-the-rack niche with exceptional attention to detail.

Hollis brings a matching passion to the business side of the industry. “It’s not enough just to imagine beautiful clothes,” he says. “It’s my job to produce the right garment for the right customer at the right price.”  That dual commitment to craftsmanship and price is working, as Hollis recently expanded his business into Europe by opening a new company in Portugal, where he resides part-time.

Hilton has served as a guest lecturer at FIT, Auburn University and countless museums. He remains committed to his alma mater and to the development of young talent.

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