Do You Think You Might Overdo It?

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Are you one of those who can't do enough?  Want to do more than enough? Over the top? You know, the type of person who will scan the universe to get the best present for a friend, settle only for the flowers that are the absolute favorites for your best friend, make the perfect meal for your love interest, excel at work, over the top on party details? Are you one of “those”? We love you anyway…

When we love someone whether it’s a BFF, a love interest, our pets, our family – whatever is the object of our focus, our attention (or obsession) – you have to wonder if we are a bit over the top and if so, is that  good or bad?  Maybe…

As an example, some of us are relentless at being organized and (you know who you are) the masters of organization, planning, down to every detail and scenario and in the perfect timeline….and we love you for that.

There are others of us who get it done our way, but not necessarily in the same comprehensive manner, and while effective, not quite as methodical as our other friends, which is great…and we love you anyway.

Here’s a thought: A friend invites you to a get together with “friends”  Some of us would be simply thrilled at the sweet gesture of being invited, and  delighted to bring a dish to share in this casual backyard gathering.

But what if there was a totally different experience when you arrived?  Imagine walking into the same backyard transformed into an over the top  “not like my backyard” kind of event?   The energy is palpable as being to hear gospel singing rocking the welcome.  As you step into the changed back yard you observe the spectacularly adorned tables, with masses of  flowers, thoughtful small gifts placed at each setting for each invitee and a magnificent menu all  in this story book setting resplendent in flowing linens and lots of sweet tea and wines to enjoy….Fun? Yes!  Memorable? For sure!  The experience impacts on many different levels- all good, but even compared to a simple “backyard let’s get together” both can be richly and deeply enjoyed, treasured, memorable and loved.

What does this have to do with friends?

Let’s take the backyard scenario  a bit further.  Let’s pretend you meet new friends there – and it was such fun as you got to know them, and be enchanted by how much you had in common, that you were drawn to their energy, personality, wit, charm and humor and immediately started finding a day to meet again…awesomeness!  No matter the event, formal or informal the real gifts were the magic of connecting with others that made you enjoy, share, discover, learn, and appreciate. 

Both events can have the same or better impact strictly “because of the people you meet and the friends you make”. Although the energies differ, in the end, meeting new people whether in a simple or decadent way, the gift is the convergence of new experiences  with new people. 

So here we are -… and you are about to enter a party!  The gifts are the same whether it Is as laid back as a backyard get together- last minute-join us for a glass of something,  to a flat out over the top like you’ve never experienced soiree.  

We won’t know “you” unless you will consider sharing a quick little post about who you are and what you do so we can start the conversation. Let us  find out we have a lot in common or that you have a special expertise, a vision we have never experienced before or knew about before our “connection.” What if this connection has put us divinely together in this space and time to discover, learn, enjoy, share your “special gifts”?  

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