Now That You’re An Expert in Your Field, Sell Yourself!

Written by Krista Mashore Posted On Thursday, 04 February 2021 22:51

No matter what business you’re in, your job is to market yourself. But sticking with the tired old techniques won’t get you too far these days. It’s critical to use modern internet-based tools to engage with your community to build trust and stay top of mind. 

As a Top 1% Realtor and a digital marketing coach who earned eight figures in her first 35 months of coaching, Krista teaches real estate agents and entrepreneurs how to use the internet to position themselves as the local authorities in their area  in order to generate leads, close sales and retain customers.

Here are five ways to do internet marketing right.

Put Yourself on the Google My Business Map

You absolutely need to have a free Google My Business listing, the sidebar that shows up on the page when you Google a business or service. Without one, you’ll miss out on thousands of potential customers who’re seeking services just like yours on the number one most searched website in the world. This is even important for any professional business person, whether brick-and-mortar or online..

This panel gives a first glance of various aspects of your business with buttons that click through to your website, give directions to your location, display photos and videos, and so much more. The most important part is web surfers can actually write and read reviews. 

To set up your listing you need a Gmail account. Once you set up your company-specific Gmail, fill out the requested 

information. You need to include your physical address because Google mails you a postcard with a four-digit code to verify you’re a real business. Your listing will also show your location on Google Maps so if someone nearby is Googling your service, your business will show up.

Video Launched the Business Star

One of the most strategic ways to use the internet properly is with video. On social media, video posts get 12 times more shares than photos or text alone, and can you believe 64% of customers are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video about it? 

See, people need to know you. In order for you to make an impact, they have to see you and hear you and trust you. The practice of making informational videos was a key factor in nearly doubling my gross commissions from 2015 to 2016. It was also the key to starting my coaching business.

The more videos you distribute, the more you’ll be remembered and perceived as the expert in your profession. Today, I cannot go anywhere, I mean anywhere, without someone telling me how much they love seeing my videos. They start talking to me about the market as if they know me! It might sound crazy, but my videos have definitely had the most impact of anything I’ve ever done. 

Serve Don’t Sell

Engaging people, creating a relationship with them doesn’t happen by sending out postcards or a newsletter every month. To establish true connections and relationships, you need to go deeper and offer more value than that.

When I showed up to a listing appointment, people acted like they’ve known me for years. Even if I had never met them, they treated me as a good, trustworthy friend just because I had offered tons of information and service through social media and other marketing avenues.

You have valuable knowledge. So share with your clients and community. People will want to work with you because they like you and trust you even before they meet you face to face. You’ve given them a lot without asking for anything in return. You’re their go-to authority.

Retain Former Clients

Do you know that it costs you seven times more money to obtain a new client than it does to keep an existing one? In his book, Never Lose a Customer Again: Turn Any Sale into Lifelong Loyalty in 100 Days, Joey Coleman writes that a 5% improvement in customer retention rates will yield a 25% to 100% increase in profits. He also says that when selling to a new prospect you have a 5% to 20% chance of making the sale. But when you’re selling to an existing customer, that probability skyrockets to 60% to 70%.

This means that you treat every client equally, no matter what size loan amount or where they live. You keep in contact with them and you show them you value them. It’s not about the money. It’s the customer experience that is so important to me.

The number one way to stay in touch is by using social media and creating videos that provide value. When you do this consistently, you are staying top of mind. Your past clients can’t help but remember you when they continue to see you on social media. Even if they don’t have a need for your services, they’re reminded to refer you to those who may.

Hack Instagram and Facebook 

Instagram and Facebook are  global, but also very, very local. Hashtags and searching by location are a great way to connect with your community.

Make sure that your hashtags include the name of your metro area. Then expand your hashtags by including what industry you’re in. If you’re a real estate agent, write #DetroitRealEstateAgent. And then just some general hashtags as well about what you do and that kind of thing. Hashtag Buying A House, hashtag Forever Home. 

Also, a great way to connect with local businesses and your community is to search for your town to see who’s posting and what they’re posting. Then comment on their posts. The best way to gain a following on social media is to build a community and build with your local community by liking, sharing and commenting on posts from locals. 

Krista Mashore has an exclusive coaching program that teaches professionals how to become the go-to authority in their communities. She has spoken on the Inman stage and has been featured in Yahoo Finance, Wall Street Journal, Authority Magazine among other publications and has been a guest at numerous podcasts including Conscious Millionaire. Click here to join the 2-day Live Coaching Event with Krista and transform your Real Estate Business.

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