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My 13-yr old son and I hopped in the JEEP to go grab a Garden Burger at the only restaurant he’ll order a burger from: Nielsen’s Frozen Custard in South Jordan, UT.

In fact, he gets two Garden Burgers, which to us is thrilling, as he won’t eat anywhere else (incredibly, he always passes up the Concrete shakes, which are other-worldly good, since he’s going 4 years strong off of sugar…he’s like SuperBoy).

Picky is an understatement for our son.  He demands to know the type of cow and where it grew up that he’s eating, and Nielsen’s staff has walked us through their process, so our health nut boy feels good about what he’s consuming.

As we drove past multiple gas stations we hit Maverik to fill up the tank because it was a Friday night, and that means only one thing: We will be in a serious line for the burger.

Pulling into the parking lot we guessed correctly – It was at least a 30-minute wait.

My son looked at me, eyebrows raised, as if to dare me to wait in the ridiculously long line.

Nothing spoken, we just smiled at each other, got in line, turned off the car, and started sharing and watching videos we had saved to our iPhones that we knew would make the other person laugh.

The wait at Nielsen’s Frozen Custard was over 30 minutes this time, and both of his Garden burgers were inhaled before we arrived home 6 minutes later, where he began his workout as we watched our beloved Utah Jazz on TV together for a fun Daddy-Son hangout.

You may have noticed I mentioned a few brands in the first few sentences.

Brands we love.  Brands we buy over and over.  Brands we’ll drive long distances for, pay outlandish prices to watch throw a ball in a hoop, brands we are willing to pass others who sell the same products in order to get to our chosen brands.

I know full well your inbox is full of emails that have their unique brands and I can’t express how grateful I am that you’d even commit to reading my brand of lengthy posts each Sunday

My question for you is:

What brands do you choose and would gladly give a 30-minute wait to experience? 

The reason we choose the brands we do is because of The Promise.

The Brand Promise from the company is to deliver what you want, how you want it, and your Promise back to the Brand is to drive any distance, wait in any line, spend what needs to be spent, do whatever needs to be done to support that brand, because they Keep The Promise.

Your Promise Prompt:

Share in the Comments your preferred Brands!  I named some of mine, what are yours?

Take it a step further and share WHY you choose those Promise Brands. 


Consider your Brand Promise (AKA: Signature Moves) and if you’re delivering the “commercial vs. the reality” for those who expect your Promise-Level Brand.

Watch the Video below to see what I mean and have a great week!


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