Dedicated Server VS VPS – Which One is Better?

Posted On Tuesday, 23 February 2021 22:12

VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a concrete solution if you need the website hosting server provider that gives you the best features to prevent and overcome the problems in the hosting process such as downtime, security issues, and the things that related with hosting resource. On the other side, there is a rival from VPS (Virtual Private Server) named Dedicated Server. The dedicated server is also providing the features that make your website hosting activity running well with minimum troubles. Confuse to choose one from those web hosting services? In this article, we are going to talk a lot about Virtual Private Server (VPS) and Dedicated Server starting from the definition of those servers, their advantages, and the head-to-head of Virtual Private Server (VPS) and Dedicated Server. Let's scroll down to the following section below to understand Virtual Private Server (VPS) and Dedicated Server.

Advantages of VPS

There is a lot of advantages that you can find on the VPS (Virtual Private Server), but before we peel off one by one those advantages, you need to know what hosting is and what VPS (Virtual Private Server) is first. This is important because it will build a clear understanding of the VPS (Virtual Private Server) and compare it with the dedicated server later on in the following session.

Website hosting is a process to make your website to be online and reachable in the digital environment. A website on the internet can be considered as your virtual display, where you can provide content like photos, videos, or articles for personal or business purposes. Those content materials are dropped and managed in the webserver database. So, whenever people search for the content or website that matches your website information or content, the browsers from their device will send the signal or the request message and will be received by your website server computer. The message will be encrypted and verified. After that, the computer will look for the specific files, data, or content demanded on the database. Once the requested file is found, that file will be sent back to the visitor's computer and displayed on their device. The whole process is using the internet as the medium in the data transfer, starting from sending the request message until the file transfer phase. The entire process only takes several seconds or even less than a second, depending on the hardware's quality and the internet speed.

Now you understand what hosting is, now let's discuss the benefit of VPS (Virtual Private Server). VPS (Virtual Private Server) has several advantages over the other hosting server else, such as better performance, better security, and accessibility.


For the performance aspect, VPS (Virtual Private Server) is able to provide you the fastest and the best performance because it uses dedicated resources. A dedicated resource is a resource that the VPS only supplied for a single client, and it is not will be shared with the other users. Some VPS providers are also providing the SSD VPS server, which in its practice, the VPS server use SSD on their storage's hardware to boost the VPS server's performance.


VPS (Virtual Private Server) is the true champion for the security aspect because it provided the best performance than cloud hosting and shared hosting. Since the VPS server's clients get the unique personal space in the digital environment, they don't have to be worried about the security of their server because they do not share the same resource and restrict the outsider's activity on their digital establishment. Plus, whenever someone attacks your server, the technicians and IT experts on the VPS server will help you kick out the intruder that willing to attack your server.


VPS server has a feature named full-root access. This feature allows the clients to manage and modify their VPS hosting as much as they like with minimum restriction. It means that you can add, change, or remove the software that useful to boost your website's performance. The access is not only limited to software management only. You can also change your operating system (OS) if you think it is necessary to do.

After you understand the advantages of VPS (Virtual Private Server), you may need to know about the benefits from the dedicated server too as a comparison. Let's scroll down.

Advantages of Dedicated Server 

Dedicates server can be considered as the advanced VPS server. How can it be so? If you are renting the server on VPS hosting service, you will rent the digital environment space. The resource is come up from the central computer named as parent server. The parent server will be allocating the resources to several clients, and the clients still have the freedom to manage and modify their digital space but are limited to that space only. In a dedicated server, you are not renting the space only, but you rent the entire server entity for your own, starting from the central server, resource, space, and so on.

The dedicated server's advantages are located in their super performance since you are the only person who uses and manage the resource. The other aspects, such as maximum security and accessibility, are granted in full 100% without any restriction. 

The thing that you may need to consider before renting the dedicated server is the price that highly expensive compared with the other hosting services because you rent the whole part instead of renting several features only. 

VPS vs. Dedicated Hosting: Which Should Your Business Choose?

The correct answer for the question which one is better for your business site; you need to set your vision and mission for the future. It would be best if you also considered some essential aspects such as the website's visitors' growth, business sustainability, and the budget you have.

If you have enough budget and think you need the full upgrade on your hosting server, you can choose the dedicated server that can give you many advantages in hosting the website. But if you only need some space and affordable service to upgrade your business' site, you can choose the VPS (Virtual Private Server) for your hosting server.

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