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Written by Posted On Friday, 22 October 2021 00:00
Effective today, I’ve decided to periodically feature interviews of experts who offer good ideas for you to sell and manage with greater efficiency. As we study and embrace new ideas, they will often impact our Belief System, which in turn will bring growth and create new behaviors for ourselves. These new behaviors will enable us to internalize new habits which will have a positive influence on our results.
Our interview today features a man with some dynamic new ideas that will stimulate your thinking about selling and managing others better. His name is Ron Karr, and I have known him for several years. He is a successful speaker and trainer as well as a best-selling author. He is also a past president of the National Speakers Association. Ron is the author of the new book, The Velocity Mindset, which is a great read about how to enjoy greater success through improved, velocity-creating skills.
I’ve been on Ron’s email list for a good while and I always benefit from it. His latest covered The Five Reasons Why People Quit Their Jobs, which I found very interesting, so I wanted to share that information with you before the actual interview…

1. The employee feels he/she is not appreciated.

2. The employee feels he/she could get a job elsewhere with less stress and fewer demands.

3. They seek a job that offers more satisfaction and opportunity.

4. They don’t feel they have a good career path with their present company.

5. It’s not a happy occasion when they go to work – not enjoyable to work there.

So with the above information how can we lead and manage people more effectively, and enjoy performing with greater velocity? This interview will answer a number of your questions and give you good content for management excellence. Just click the red-button below to view the video of my interview with Ron Karr (11 minutes, 18 seconds).
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Don Hutson

After graduation from the University of Memphis, with a major in Sales and a minor in Real Estate, he was #1 salesman in a national organization. He then established his own training firm and shortly thereafter was in demand as a professional speaker.

Since then Don has addressed over half of the Fortune 500 Companies and is featured in over 100 training films. He is Chairman & CEO of U. S. Learning and makes some 50 speaking appearances per year. Perhaps you have seen him on national television where he has been featured on ABC, PBS, TPN and Fox News.

Don is the author of SELLING VALUE, and co-author of the #1 Best Sellers, THE ONE MINUTE ENTREPRENEUR (with Dr. Ken Blanchard) and THE ONE MINUTE NEGOTIATOR (with Dr. George Lucas). He has also authored or co-authored eleven other books.

Don was elected by his peers to the presidency of the National Speakers Association, and has received its prestigious Cavett Award, as member of the year. He has also been honored with NSA's Speakers Hall of Fame Award, and is a recipient their Master of Influence Award along with such notables as Depok Chopra, Jack Kemp and Ronald Reagan. He is also a member of Speakers Roundtable.

He has addressed over 750 Realtor audiences including the National Association of Realtors on multiple occasions, as well as many prominent real estate companies.

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