How Committed Are You to Your Career?

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We certainly hear a lot these days about people:

            • Not working;

            • Working harder than ever;

            • Quitting their jobs;

            • Looking for new opportunities;

            • Committing to their existing job;

            • Being Confused about what they should do; 

Let’s examine some of these alternatives.

Take a close look at your existing workplace if you are now employed. I’ll bet the owners or bosses are looking for more people right now. That may well mean that there is more opportunity there than ever for existing employees. Someone with experience must train new people, provide orientation, management, etc. With the experience that you have, you may be able to be catapulted into an advanced job position or more responsibility. With such moves increased compensation often follows. If you are inclined, go to your boss and let him/her know that you are aware that we are in challenging times and that you just wanted to let him know that you are committed to the company, to him/her, and to your willingness to help in any way you can. You may be surprised at the positive results!

If you have been thinking about resigning and pursuing a new opportunity, think it through very carefully. Today’s worker is typically less committed to their employer than workers of previous decades. That means that there is a premium on current team members demonstrating loyalty to their employer. You may want to attempt to leverage that loyalty in a win-win manner before giving up and moving on. If, however, you have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity you are presented with, again, think it through with great care. Do your homework on the space you are thinking of entering, and consider consulting your mentor or advisor about your alternatives.

If you are a bit confused or unsure about making a move, don’t do it yet. More research and thoughtful consideration are in order. And don’t let the grass is greener over there, syndrome thrust you into a decision you may later regret.

If you are among the people not currently working, you need to think about your future and ask some penetrating questions, like… Am I taking it easy because the government is paying me with taxpayer money not to work? Everybody loses on that deal, and it will be temporary at best. Am I seriously interested in engaging with a new employer who is looking for good people and interested in offering me a position with excellent opportunities? Am I studying my craft during this period of unemployment so that I might be more valuable to an employer when I do engage? If you aren’t working are you devoting any time to charities in your community during this time?

If you are on the management side of the equation think about how the hiring and onboarding of new people might vary from pre-pandemic times. Ask candidates what they have been doing during their time off. Ask thoughtful questions about their past, investigating as best you can their track record, past successes and failures, etc. Remember, the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. In other words, the odds are that what they have done, they will do. Do your best to hire winners with solid past performance rather than succumb to a marketplace where there are limited options and compromise your selection. Try to keep your standards high.

Managers and company owners should reassess the landscape of opportunity in their industry. Many changes have taken place lately in practically every industry. Are there untapped opportunities now that didn’t exist 18-24 months ago? Do you need to shutter one division of your company that isn’t paying off to support another division that is booming? Yes, even the boss can play the grass is greener game. But with Research and consideration of your options, the payoff could be huge; talk to others whose opinions you respect; do your due diligence before making major moves. Then when you make a decision, live with it!

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Don Hutson

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