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Posted On Monday, 07 March 2022 21:33

"They don't teach you this at Harvard Business School, but it's all about people. Everything happens by, with, or through people. Nothing just happens on its own." – James Koch, Sam Adams

Over the years, the real estate industry has adopted a straightforward business model. Agents help buyers secure a piece of property by showing it to them and then filling out the paperwork to purchase the property. However, this has changed drastically with time. Like other industries, real estate has also transformed from being product-centric to becoming more customer-centric, given the advancement of technology. King Real Estate Group is notable for breaking the tradition and operating with a customer-centric model. 

Haddadin Steve 2 2 2Its founder, Steve Haddadin, has been the catalyst behind this transformation right from the beginning, a real estate enthusiast who began his professional journey at the age of 18. Born in Los Angeles, California, Haddadin found his rhythm in dealing with the luxury real estate market and investment properties. Historically, real estate businesses were heavily asset-centric, which created problems for buyers and sellers. They were not guided throughout the process, and brokers would hand over keys to them after purchasing the property. After operating with the traditional asset-centric model at other brokerages as an agent, Haddadin founded King Real Estate Group with a mission to implement a customer-centric model for real estate. 

The current real estate market is expanding at an astounding rate. Currently, the US's second most popular income bracket is for realtors. However, today's harsh economic environment isn't making anything more accessible for the buyers. The situation worsened during COVID-19. It was expected that the pandemic would reduce property prices due to a significant decline in buyer activity. Conversely, the market experienced an increase in buyer activity coupled with a combination of low-interest rates and a lack of supply, allowing prices to rise continually. During the peak chaos of the pandemic, King Real Estate Group catered to high-profile clients and helped other customers with mortgage assistance plans. This further indicates Haddadin's approach to ensure that the brokerage succeeds by following the customer-centric model.

According to Haddadin, "With our team of experienced and talented professionals, we consistently deliver Real Estate solutions, enhancing the value of our client's Real Estate assets. Our experience extends from local to national markets."

Haddadin believes that real estate professionals and business owners must consider clients' expectations when providing different services and offers. Prioritizing their clients above anything else, King Real Estate Group is emerging above its competitors. By taking every task hands-on and keeping the clients informed every step of the way, Steve Haddadin and his team have unlocked the secrets to conquer the real estate market.

"Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle." – Napoleon Hill

The key to excelling in any venture is to grow consistently. The President of King Real Estate Group, Haddadin, understands the need to grow consistently, which is why he didn't stop at just providing real estate brokerage services. King Real Estate Group is a full-service Real Estate company that offers various services, like portfolio management, mortgage assistance, and consulting services for business acquisitions. In addition, the company strives to thrive in today's competitive market by focusing on transparency and customer satisfaction.  With utmost transparency and the goal to maximize customer satisfaction, the company continues to thrive even in today's competitive market.

Haddadin currently lives in Yorba Linda, CA. Despite aiming to reach greater heights in his career, he manages to take time out for his hobbies, including playing basketball and traveling. He also enjoys exploring cars. Work-life balance is essential for productivity, and Haddadin is a firm believer in this concept, which is why he tries to apply it in his own life while encouraging others to do the same. According to him, having a life outside work is essential for developing the skills and understanding needed to provide good service to his clients. It helps him get into his clients' shoes and consider things from their perspectives. Ultimately, this understanding supports the customer-centric model that he has been promoting and implementing in his company.  

King Real Estate Group currently targets markets in Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside County, California, and the surrounding counties. Despite the uncertainty within the United States Real Estate market, it will be remarkable to see what King Real Estate Group has in store for everyone. So, what lies ahead for Haddadin and King Real Estate Group? Only time will tell.

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