How To Get The Most Out Of Home Inspections

Posted On Tuesday, 17 May 2022 14:50

So, your dream home is almost within your reach. But before you start thinking about your mortgage, insurance packages, and, of course, moving in, you’ll have to ensure your property is in excellent condition. Hiring a home inspector must be your top priority of all the home-related things you need to include on your list.

A professional inspector will examine your property to give you an idea if you should push through or not with your home buying transaction. Home inspections are crucial processes in purchasing a house in the United States, and it’s also a way to know if you're putting your money where it’s worth. Regrettably, due to excitement, many people tend to skip this step. And this could result in several sudden repairs you might not be monetarily ready for.

To get all the information you need regarding your future home, take these tips into consideration:

  1. 1. Check Your Inspector’s Credentials

It’s vital that the inspector your hire is trustworthy and credible enough. Professionals like from areas like Modesto home inspectors are certified at their job and will gladly help you through the real estate process. You’ll need their knowledge and advice before deciding what to do with the property, whether you’re buying or selling it.

However, not all states call for home inspectors to have a license or a surety bond. Always confirm your state’s requirements regarding real estate professionals. If licenses are optional, you can still do some digging on your own. Either way, verify that the inspector you’re availing the services of has a good reputation among homeowners. If not, you may risk receiving reports ridden with errors

  1. 2. Join The Inspection 

Since you have something to do with the home being inspected by services like Modesto Home Inspector, you must show up during that time. Sometimes, you might not be allowed into particular areas on the property. But if you have the go-signal to accompany the inspector, make an effort to be present.

Home inspections aren’t like going into a mall or to the park. There are a few precautions homeowners must follow when joining an inspector. These are:

  • Wearing the proper footwear: Unoccupied properties usually keep dirt, dust, and dampness everywhere. Some houses might have floor damage that needs urgent repair too. Wearing closed-toed shoes like sneakers or tennis shoes will protect your feet from injury and grime from your walk around the house. 
  • Leaving your pets and children behind: Even if your kids beg you to take them with you, it’s best to leave them in the care of relatives or a babysitter. The same goes for your furry family members. Children and pets may distract you during the inspection and encounter accidents while exploring.

Without any distractions, you can freely ask the inspector any questions you might have about the home. 

  1. 3. Ask And Listen As Much As You Can

Home inspections are a paid service. They generally aren’t super quick, nor do they take forever. So, don’t rush and don’t settle on a decision right off the bat. Observe every tiny detail you possibly can, and if something piques your curiosity, don’t hesitate to ask the inspector. 

Keep your eyes and ears open though. Inspectors aren’t required to tell you upfront what you should do with the house. So, you have to listen carefully for specific keywords. These hints and words include:

• Significant;
• Major;
• Get estimates;
• Immediate repair; and
• Fungal material (also known as mold).

The inspector should also inform you of any concerns regarding the house. Take this as your cue to begin looking for referrals for experts. After all, a home inspector isn’t a specialist in repairing a home. So, anything they mention, from electrical issues to septic system maintenance, needs your utmost attention.

  1. 4. Take Photos

Don’t forget to bring a camera during a home inspection. The home inspector should bring their own, too, so they can take photos of the spaces that might be too dangerous for you to check. 

Luckily, thermal and infrared cameras are more common nowadays. You and the inspector could use these to take photos without prying off the flooring or drywall. Yet using advanced technology like this might require an additional fee.

Taking pictures will help you record proof of any areas of concern. You can review these photos later and choose the steps to fix the issues before buying or selling the property. 

  1. 5. Check Power Outlets And The Plumbing

The unoccupied property might not have an electrical connection yet, but you shouldn’t skip checking the condition of the power outlets. Sockets might have moisture, posing a problem when you plug appliances. Use this opportunity to look for the house’s key controls, such as the circuit breaker and the main water shutoff points.  

Examining the plumbing system is equally important during a Modesto Home Inspection. Inspect faucets, leaks, and the water pressure. Low pressure may indicate more severe plumbing concerns. While you’re at it, inspect the house’s heating, too. Check how old the furnace and water heater are and if they’re working properly

  1. 6. Inspect The Place Yourself

Accompanying the home inspector shouldn’t be the only time you examine the property. Make time to visit the house whenever you’re free before you settle on a conclusion and before you make negotiations.

You don’t have to go alone, though. Tag your partner, friend, or relative along. They might pick up details you missed the first or second time there. Both of you can write up your own reports and cross-check your records with the information from the inspector. This way, big-ticket fixes won’t surprise you that much should you buy the house.


It’s significant to have a professional home inspector from areas like Modesto and others examine a property is vital before making a final decision. Houses are a massive investment, so you must ensure the place is up to your standards. 

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