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Are You a Dog Lover? Learn From a Corgi Lover What You Need to Know

Written by Miriam Valere Posted On Thursday, 19 May 2022 00:00

Miriam image with dogsMiriam Valere never expected to fulfill a life-long dream of writing a book when she adopted two corgis in the fall of 2015. But when one of the dogs showed symptoms of the genetic disease degenerative myelopathy, she found herself immersed in learning how to care for a dog that was slowly becoming paralyzed. She documented the journey with photographs that she posted on Facebook to educate people about the effects of this disease, and the challenges she faced.

Her book, Another New Normal: Coping and caring for a dog with a degenerative condition is the culmination of what she learned during her time caring for her disabled dog.

Miriam lives in Utah with two rescue dogs, Zeek and Cody, and five rescue cats. You can frequently find her out exploring the beauty of the natural world with her dogs, gardening, and being kind.

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