How to Decorate your Student Room and Make it Cozy

Posted On Tuesday, 12 July 2022 21:10

Living in a dorm room can be stressful if you’re used to living in your own room back home. But, being a student is an exciting period in your life and you should make the most of it! There are plenty of things you can do to make your student room cozier and more comfortable to spend time in. Let’s take a look at some of how you can decorate your room to make it homier and more enjoyable to be in.

Hang Some Wall Decorations

The first thing you’ll notice about your student room is just how empty the walls are. Freshly painted walls may be sanitary but they can also be depressing and cause anxiety. A great way to amend that is by getting some wall decorations. Paintings, motivational quotes, wallpapers, charms, and other decorations are an amazing addition to any student room. You can also get some profession-specific wall decorations such as the chemical table if you’re studying chemistry, for example. Get creative and fill your walls with visually-appealing decorations to get started.

Get a Plant or Three

Plants can not only make your student room more visually interesting but also contribute to higher quality air in your room. Getting plastic plants won’t do you much good so stick to natural plant life if you have the option to do so. While you should air your room at least once a day, plant life can add a lot to your room’s atmosphere, pun intended. Different greenery and flowers will also give you something small to work on in your spare time. You’ll feel good about watering your plants, keeping them in direct sunlight, and having something natural in your vicinity. 

Consider your Studying Space

How you’ll study in your student room is a major topic to think about. Do you have space for an office desk or will you make do with a small coffee table? Do you need to spend countless hours on your laptop or will you study and do research with printed resources? Consider GrabMyEssay and there you can turn to a professional writing platform to help you out. Meanwhile, think about how you’ll place a desk or a table into your student room without it eating up too much space.

Get a Comfortable Rug

Getting a great rug may not be at the top of your priority list but it should be. A good rug will do many things for you as a student, including but not limited to allowing you to study on the floor. You’ll have plenty of space to house your college friends for social events or play board games on the rug. A reliable rug will also make going to the bathroom at night much simpler and less chilly. Keep in mind that you will have to clean out your rug regularly to avoid respiratory and general hygiene issues in your student room.

Decorate your Student Room with Lights

You’re bound to spend endless nights working on college assignments, essays, and projects. Your typical night light may be too mundane for you to use every night, however. You can get plenty of different lights such as Christmas lights or lava lamps to decorate a student dorm room. This will make spending nighttime awake in your student room more comfortable and less stressful as you chip away at your projects. You’ll also have a much cooler student room for when you have friends over for a social event, so try out different types and colors of lights.

Plan for Long-Term Student Living

Even though you will graduate at some point and likely leave your student room, you should still decorate it with long-term living in mind. Can you imagine yourself spending several days on end in this room, studying, resting, and talking to your college friends? If not, what can you do to improve it even more and make it cozier? You can never really do too much to decorate your student room – keep adding, rearranging, and taking out stuff based on your mood and mindset at the time.

Bio: Joanne Elliot is passionate about writing and works as an editor, online content creator, and blogger. She consistently contributes to both digital publications and the academic writing sphere with her essays, papers, and studies. Joanne loves interior design and tends to spend most of her free time planning and redecorating.

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