15 Tips for a Successful Kitchen Renovation

Posted On Monday, 25 July 2022 18:40

After years of gathering different types of utensils, kitchen essentials, and kitchen appliances, it is a smart move to renovate your kitchen in order to increase storage space and comfort, avoid cleaning and move at ease around the kitchen. The new-age kitchen remodeling ideas will help you create a more organized and functional kitchen to serve your everyday cooking needs. 

1. Splash Paint

Try bright color paint for a loud vibe or light paint for a timid vibe in the kitchen. You can do the finishing touches by applying textures or floral designs too. You can also go with a different color for every wall keeping in mind the color palette and color contrast. Paint a fresh coat over old cabinets, racks, or furniture too to give the kitchen a fresh new look.

2. Racks for space utilization

Open shelves or racks over the upper half of the kitchen is a good deal to keep your kitchen organized. You can use those racks to store more expensive glass, marble, or ceramic kitchen essentials. Building glass door over kitchen racks helps find what you need at the moment quickly and efficiently. 

3. Wood Flooring

Wood flooring minimizes the risk of tripping over wet floors, also giving the kitchen an ethnic farm look. Wood flooring is a safe choice for the kitchen. The natural wooden color negates the dirtiness of the kitchen floor too. 

4. Kitchen Cabinets

Building better kitchen cabinets not only increases storage space in the kitchen but also helps keep the kitchen neat and organized. Build stainless steel or wooden cabinets as they last longer. You can finish the outside of the cabinets giving it a rich metallic touch or a marble finish. You can go for refacing your kitchen cabinets as it is a more affordable way of improving the condition of the cabinets as well as the décor of the kitchen.

“Refacing the kitchen cabinets is perfect for updating your kitchen without creating much of a mess or spending too much," says Melissa & Christopher Perez from Boyar’s Kitchen Cabinets

5. Kitchen Dimmer Lights

Dimmer lights in the kitchen are a cue for elegance. You can increase the brightness of dimmer lights while cooking while dimming the lights to enjoy a romantic dinner with your loved one. Dimmer light sets a mood and vibe to balance your own mood and vibe. It is going to be an obsessively satisfying renovation for the kitchen.

6. Tile Backsplash

Installing a tile backsplash in the area near your stove and chimney minimizes cleaning the kitchen. You can clean those tiles with a swipe of a wet cloth or kitchen cleaner. Cooking oil, dust, and dirt cannot penetrate tile as they will do to plain wall surfaces, so it is a better and smart option for kitchen renovation.

7. Upgrade Kitchen Appliances

Instead of working hard with cooking and cleaning in the kitchen, let kitchen appliances help you with a few of the jobs. Installing a dishwasher alongside the kitchen cabinets can do a lot of your cleaning job. Microwaves to heat cold storage food from the refrigerator, mixtures, and grinders to juicers, all of these appliances will make your cooking life so much easier.

8. Statement Decor

Select a few minimal and attractive statement decors for your kitchen to give your kitchen a posh and beautiful look. Make sure that they help lighten up your mood when you are in no mood to cook. Get a Standing lamp or hanging lights from the ceiling, a portrait of your favorite character, or maybe a fancy stool of layback.

9. Increase Ventilation

It is essential to have proper ventilation in the kitchen to help let out the cooking gas and, at the same time, not too much air, which will turn off the stove. A lot goes around the kitchen with the cooking, cleaning, and use of various food materials. So it's a safe decision to let proper ventilation through the kitchen.

10. Efficient Exhaust/Chimney

The cooking flames need to be let out from the kitchen to avoid suffocation inside the kitchen. Along with proper ventilation, there needs to be a well-made passage for the unwanted air/gas to be out of the kitchen. Installing an exhaust fan or a chimney will do the job efficiently.

11. Portable Dining Furniture

Having little or portable furniture in or near the kitchens is beneficial. We usually tend to search for a platform to sit and rest while the food is cooking, so having a few stools or chairs and a table to sit down and have a cup of coffee would be bliss. This way, not only can you relax at intervals, but also prevent food from overcooking or burning. The bonus is, you can use the furniture to sit down and have your food too.

12. Wall Hanging Hooks

Lightweight pans and Ladles with holes at the end of their handles can be hung on hooks. This is a big help if you have a small kitchen and do not have much storage space on the ground. Well, you can utilize the walls to keep your kitchen organized and handy.

13. Add a Personal Touch

A personal touch to places we spend most of our time is the satisfaction of another level altogether. Organizing and decorating the kitchen with your personal needs and likes in mind is going to be very peaceful and serene. This way, you will feel at home wherever you are.

14. Work Space

If you are a workaholic or a bookworm and enjoy working or reading a book, build yourself a mini workspace consisting of a work table and chair/stool nearby your kitchen space. This way, you can cook and work simultaneously without making a fuss about either.

15. Sink Transformation

Designer sinks, twin sinks, or island sinks are not new in the market. They help you do the job of cleaning dishes more efficiently and at ease. Go for the one that suits your need and can be installed in your kitchen easily.

Having a well-organized, efficient and functional kitchen is a must for everyone. The kitchen is where we spent the most time working. It is the heart of a home. It is where we make our meals to start and end the day. Investing in the renovation of the old kitchen is an essential and fruitful decision. 

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