Key things you have to consider before you hire pipe bending equipment

Posted On Thursday, 08 December 2022 19:24

There is a chance that your business works with pipes, so you may already know the importance of having high-quality pipe bending equipment. You should note that pipes are not always straight and usually require to be bent to fit some corners in different curved spacing. You need to have a good pipe bending machinery to make sure that you sell competitive and better pipes. 

The good news is that you can hire pipe bending machinery from reputable companies, such as the Lakeside Hire. A pipe bending equipment can prevent various problems your customer can face like pipe weakness, breakdowns, and leaks of the piping system. This article discusses the key things you have to consider before you hire pipe bending equipment.  

Types of pipe benders

It’s crucial to know the various types of pipe benders. In most cases, pipe benders are categorized based on their operational mechanism. One type of a pipe bender is called an open rotary draw bender. This type of pipe bender can bend the pipe by making it a curvature. It utilizes die sets of a certain radius and is ideal for pipe bending. 

You can also find mandrel bending equipment that utilizes a series of steel balls known as ball mandrel. These series of balls go through the pipe while getting support from a curved radius to bend the pipe. This equipment is suitable for mass pipe bending operations. 

Besides these types of benders, you can also find a couple of benders that are named according to their power sources. These benders include hydraulic tube benders, manual benders, pneumatic tube benders, electric benders, and many more. Therefore, to select the right pipe bender, you have to look at the types and choose according to your requirements. 

Figure out your operational requirements

Before you decide to choose the best pipe bender, you need to determine your requirements. You can choose a pipe bender based on the speed of operation. For example, if you want high-speed bending operation for your work, a manual bender can be a good option. In most cases, pneumatic actuators and electrical actuators do well in high-speed operations. 

Hence, pneumatic or electrical benders can be a great option for high-speed bending. When it comes to heavy-duty or low speed bending, then a hydraulic bender can be ideal because a hydraulic bender responds well for high load applications.

You should also consider the size of the production batch. Remember that it’s crucial to consider the batch size of production while choosing the best pipe bender. Mandrel bending is a great option for batch bending. 

The demand and cost are also important factors when it comes to purchasing bending equipment. You should only invest more money if you have more demand. With high demand, you can invest in an electrical bender or CNC bender. But if the pipe bending demand is low, then you should choose the less expensive pipe bending machine. Ideally, the right pipe bending machine needs to meet the needs of your business and it should be within your budget. 

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