9 Fireplace Paint Colors to Keep the Room Cozy

Posted On Friday, 16 December 2022 19:45

While we still appreciate the aesthetic value of an unfinished brick hearth, we now view them more as canvases for creative expression.

With just a coat of paint, brick fireplaces may seem brand new again. Use a soothing shade of white to make your home seem larger and airier. Colouring your brick fireplace a dark colour, like black or charcoal grey, can further increase the ambience.

If you want to spice up your boring living room, try painting the walls a bold hue. Once done, your newly painted fireplace colours will add a refreshing feel to the living room.

Here are some of our favourite ways to spruce up your brick fireplace with paint. You can pick from bold colours too soothing neutrals and more.

  1. 1. Pick "Timeless White" 

Fireplaces, especially those made of brick, are virtually impossible to paint poorly, and this one is no exception. White paint has the dual effect of making a room look larger and more open. Plus, having a soothing effect. 

Whether you're going for a design that stresses minimalism or one that leans on white's promise of comfort, picking the right shade of white is essential.

  1. 2. Strip Off the Excess Layers

It is possible to either completely remove the paint or paint over it in a new, striking colour and texture. It's a lot of fun to use paint remover on the bricks to give them a unique and eye-catching texture. This will bring out the unique characteristics of each brick.

  1. 3. Gray is the New Go-To Neutral

Though equally neutral to white, grey paint creates a more sombre mood. Whether you're going for an elegant and airy ambience or a more grounded and dramatic one, grey works. We indeed have no qualms about using a cosy greige hue.

  1. 4. Highlight the Variations

A fireplace is a focal point in any room; drawing eyes to it is as simple as painting the wall opposite it black and white. If you want to make a statement with your brick fireplace, paint the outside a daring colour. Paint the colour inside directly across from it on the colour wheel. It will add a lot of intrigue to the situation.

  1. 5. Do the Entire Room, Floor to Ceiling

A floor-to-ceiling painted display is nothing to be terrified of. They're beautiful, spotless, and sophisticated, and they'll keep you toasty all winter long. Try it out and see the astonishing results. You will love the final look even more. 

  1. 6. Follow Wall Complementing

It will blend in if you paint the fireplace the same colour as the walls. The final lool will give the impression that it has always been a part of the room. This will create a chic and refined look by emphasizing the contrast between the brick fireplace and the smooth wall.

  1. 7. Dress it Up with Extra Layers

Use only one layer if you want your bricks to look more subdued, like painted bricks. You may create a stunning colour block by surrounding your fire pit with a row of painted bricks. Then surrounding that with a mantle of another material.

  1. 8. Move it Outside

A fireplace will be the focal point of your outdoor gatherings in the cooler months. You can transform your fireplace into a beautiful focal point with just a small bit of paint.

  1. 9. Strip It Down To Its Bare Interior

Brick fireplaces can also benefit from having a polished exterior and rough interior to offer contrast and visual appeal. The exterior's fresh coat of paint adds an air of sophistication. While the exposed red brick around the edges preserves the building's historic allure.

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