4 Tips for Cleaning Up After a Renovation

Posted On Monday, 23 January 2023 19:44

Home renovations offer a great opportunity to make your house more energy-efficient, maintain and improve home value, and enhance your lifestyle. You could also insulate your basement walls to help with temperature control and enhance functionality.  

However, renovations are messy by nature. Dirt, debris and dust are left behind after the job is done, even under the best situations. Here are some tips on how to safely clean up dust, debris, and other messes after renovation.

  1. Find professional renovation cleanup services

Clearing out discarded drywalls, bricks, scrap metals, and wood from your home piled up after renovation can be tedious and time-consuming. Removing junk from your home and correctly disposing of it can take a day or two.

You could also harm yourself or others in the process of disposing of these dangerous materials if you don't have proper training and experience. That's where professional renovation cleanup services come to help. A junk removal company like Master Dumper can help you safely and efficiently remove debris and bigger items accumulated in your home.

  1. Clean air vents and replace filters

The air you breathe in after a renovation is full of dust particles and chemicals which can be quite dangerous. They can pose health risks to people with allergies, asthma, and other respiratory issues, so don't neglect your air vents and filters.

Make sure to clean the air vents, particularly if you have renovated your entire house or a larger part of it. You might also need to vacuum the inside of the vents to ensure they are thoroughly clean. Replace any exposed air filters with new ones before changing the vent covering.

  1. Vacuum carpets and the upholstery

While your carpets and upholstery may look clean after a renovation, they might not be hygienic. Your upholstery furniture and carpeted floors may hold a lot of dust and grime in the fabric, especially due to the fine dust generated during the renovation project. If allowed to settle, the dust particles may result in a dirty look or cause itchy, irritating reactions to anyone in the house.

Before using them again, vacuum or deep clean your upholstery, including furniture cushions and the underlying frames. You can always hire an upholstery cleaner to do a dust cleanup if you don't want to handle the task yourself.

  1. Wipe down hard surfaces

After a renovation project, you will find a fine or thick layer of dust settling on nearly every hard surface, particularly the walls. The best and safest way to remove the dust without damaging the walls' surfaces is by dry cleaning. However, depending on the type of paint or wall covering, you can also use a damp cloth.

Other highly prone areas to dust particles are moldings and kitchen cabinets. Take a duster and clean the interior shelves of your cabinets, paying close attention to the hard-to-reach corners. Wipe down countertops and other hard surfaces before cleaning the dirt and debris on or near the floor.      


A home renovation can be exciting but also quite tricky. While you want to bring your home back to normal and enjoy the changes, post-renovation cleanups can take a lot of time and become a headache. Fortunately, these tips can make the cleanup easier regardless of who is doing it after the renovation project.

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