Connect Social, An Amazing Merchant Ecosystem and User Social Platform Scheduled to Launch Fall 2023

Written by Angel Chandler Posted On Thursday, 09 March 2023 02:16

Connect Social was born at a meeting of like-minded entrepreneurs in a coffee shop in the spring of 2019. Tired of the ever-growing dominance of Amazon in the retail sector and seeking to find a way to better utilize social media for enterprise purposes, the idea behind Connect was formed. A revolutionary new, free of charge, social network ecosystem where users would be paid for their data. Merchants would, in turn, have Connect Social consumers shopping with them, and be provided with a low cost trackable and result-driven advertising method, with which they could market directly to the exact consumer they want. Consumers and merchants will transact in a brand new, never been done before, a centralized economy driven by a freely distributed and exchanged currency (a loyalty token) – truly revolutionary!

So, in the fall of 2019 Connect Social started testing in a single city with merchants and consumers, offering discounts to consumers from local merchants while trying to develop the software necessary to integrate those consumers and merchants in a synergistic economy. Progress was being made when the pandemic struck in the spring of 2020. All development of the Connect Social model ground to a halt due to the financial constraints caused by the strangulation of economic development that was caused across so many sectors. One thing the pandemic made apparent was how much a model like Connect Social was needed to keep small businesses alive. The pandemic proved to be tough financially for our growth, but thanks to others seeing our vision, we were able to obtain enough funding to continue building.  We created a new, improved model that allowed everyone to benefit from Connect Social’s growth.

In 2021, with the economic constraints of the Pandemic waning, Connect found new footing as investment capital once again became available. Software development was started in earnest, with the long sought-after user-integrated platform being developed and eventually Beta tested in the spring and summer of 2022. Phase 1, (The Ambassador Platform) was officially launched on October 1, 2022 with a party to celebrate. Since that time, our user base of Ambassadors has grown steadily into the thousands.

We are currently moving into Phase 2 (The Merchant Platform) and pre-boarding small businesses into our database, offering them unique opportunities to become our Founding Merchants and provide them with a distinct advantage over their competition. Connect Social will drive customers to these shop at our businesses and will become a priceless tool for all businesses in this competitive economy.  We are excited to see the launch of the full platform in the coming months.

Connect Social is the future – a self-sustaining, digital, virtual economy with a currency that will circulate through it and grow in value in sync with that economy AND THAT FUTURE IS NOW! Both our Ambassadors and our Merchants can be proud to be a part of Connect Social and benefit from our growth for years to come! 

Are you a small business? Connect Social is offering a free listing - no strings attached! Register at



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