The New Branch Coaching Opportunity!

Written by Posted On Monday, 27 March 2023 00:00

I have been asked to put together a program for companies or individual branches to take advantage of the coaching program while helping control costs. After spending some time working through the process with a handful of current clients, I have put together a program I think will help meet the needs of those facing challenges. The program is just a framework and can be adjusted to individual needs. Here are the basics.

  • Initial site visit to understand the needs and direction of each individual group. This will be a full day at your location working with those you choose to share the challenges and needs of the program.
  • A specific targeted follow-up planning session to get the management clear on the process and direction coaching will take, and the prioritized areas of attention.
  • Up to ten weekly coaching accountability sessions of 30 minutes each to work one on one with those selected to develop a business plan, schedule, and to help adjust as needed. (Any unused sessions can be credited toward additional site visits or coaching).
  • Monthly team webinar to discuss specific market issues and strategies and conditions change both nationally and locally. Up to 500 users.
  • Annual Business Planning Event held at your location so that each producer has a comprehensive plan to generate opportunities and leverage referrals while providing value to both clients and referral partners.
  • Access for all employees to the website for all the support tools as well as email/phone connection with Coach Mike for specific questions or challenges up to 10 additional users.
  • Discounted additional site visits for other branches or for additional training events.
  • Help with prospecting searches and recruiting assistance. Sometimes it is about an opportunity to thrive and grow, more than a sign on bonus or rates. Coach Mike can help with interviews and every new originator will benefit from a 90-day onboarding/business planning program to help hit the ground running.
  • Local exclusivity. Yours will be the only company Coach Mike will work with in your market if you are enrolled in the program.
  • A minimal six-month commitment is all that is required. This program will renew every six months and your rates will never increase if you keep connected to the program.


Our industry is facing challenging times. Allow me to put my more than 40 years’ experience to work for you! Thousands of originators, managers, and owners have trusted and benefitted from these proven strategies. Now is the time to put them to work for you!

The site visit and six-month weekly accountability coaching sessions are a great value at $4,995 each. The “Access” program has originators across the country paying $59.95 a month to connect. All these services can be brought to you today for just $5,000 per month! A minor investment for a huge upside production potential. This also represents a savings of more than $20,000 every six months on coaching, and almost another $10,000 in site visits. That’s almost 50% off!

For those on a tighter budget or a smaller branch, we can eliminate the site visits and in person business planning events and do those via Zoom calls and reduce the accountability sessions from ten to 5 per week and 10 additional Access users for $3,500 per month. This represents a savings of more than $10,000!

Space is limited so please reach out today to schedule a call with Coach Mike to see if you and your people would benefit from this opportunity. Once my schedule is full this offer will become subject to availability.

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Michael White

After 18 years working in all phases of mortgage originations, Mike left day to day originations to start his consulting and coaching company. Now, more than 18+ years later, Mike is working with clients across the country in all markets, big and small, that have generated more than three billion dollars in loan originations within a year.

Mike teaches a system that is focused on time management, action planning, marketing a message, and creating value for both clients and referral sources alike. Quite simply, providing more value leads to more opportunities, more income, less time, and a systematic approach that begs to be duplicated.


By breaking down individual aspects of the mortgage business and providing a step by step approach to creating a consistent flow of opportunities that can lead to a highly successful mortgage practice. That is why people who incorporate these strategies out produce the national averages by almost 3 to 1!

Fundamentals and simple strategies provide day to day activities that help provide a “scheduled success” philosophy. It’s all about identifying, targeting, and establishing profitable referral relationships using exceptional value to keep you in the center of your own referral triangle.

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