5 Kitchen Upgrades To Consider

Posted On Tuesday, 04 April 2023 20:06

Did you know that 80% of homeowners upgrade at least one aspect of their kitchen?

The kitchen is one of the essential rooms in the house. It's a place where the family gathers to prepare and eat food and is often used as a central gathering point.

Habits can change over time, and the kitchen plans should change with the patterns. Now is the time to upgrade your kitchen; we're here to help you.

In this article, we will list five of the best kitchen upgrades. These will change your kitchen's look and update it.

Read this article as a reference whenever you're planning to renovate your kitchen.

1. Update Your Countertops

If you are considering kitchen upgrades, one of the best places to start is to update and upgrade your countertops. The countertop is an often overlooked yet essential part of the kitchen, and the possibilities are endless – the only limit is your budget.

Granite countertops bring timeless elegance and style and upgrade your kitchen in form and act. Marble countertops attract attention with their beauty and grandeur. They can instantly improve the look of any kitchen.

Quartz countertops are also becoming increasingly popular as they are modern, stylish, and incredibly durable. They are also hygienic and easy to clean.

When updating your countertops, you must consider what materials you want and how the countertop style will complement your kitchen design. You must also consider the installation process required to complete the project.

If a brand-new countertop is out of the budget, consider a coat of paint for the existing one; this is a much cheaper option! Cost-wise, it really depends on which countertop material you choose.

Granite, marble, and quartz all have a high price tag, ranging from 500-3000 dollars. However, less expensive options like laminate, ceramic, and solid surface can range anywhere from 80-500 dollars.

Also, be sure to budget for the extra installation costs. Most countertop materials, even laminate, can require professional installation.

However, if you decide to purchase materials and install the countertop yourself, take the necessary safety precautions. Read the instructions carefully.

2. Have Seating Available

If you are considering kitchen upgrades and want to have comfortable seating for your friends and family, a kitchen island is an excellent option. A kitchen island can spruce up your kitchen's appearance, making it look bigger and more luxurious.

Many kitchen islands feature barstool seating, allowing multiple people to sit and occupy the space. Some kitchen islands may also have additional features, such as a sink or additional cabinet storage.

Kitchen islands are great for prepping dinner and just sitting and relaxing with family and friends. Seating can also provide a spot to read a book or the newspaper in the mornings– the possibilities are endless!

With the convenience and comfort seating can provide, kitchen upgrades that include seating are definitely worth considering.

3. Install New Lighting

If you are looking to upgrade your kitchen, consider adding new lighting fixtures. There are so many options that you don't have to be limited to traditional overhead lighting. You can opt for accent lighting over your food prep area or task lighting over your sink.

Don't forget to think about color-changing bulbs or dimmer switches to give you even more control over the light level you can add to the room. If you want to make a bold statement, consider installing a splash of color with neon lights or pendants.

No matter what you choose, new lighting fixtures have the potential to make a big difference in the look and feel of your kitchen.

4. Ditch the Outdated Appliances

When considering kitchen upgrades, it is essential to start with the basics. Ditching outdated appliances is a must. Outdated appliances not only look bad but also fail to provide the features required in a modern kitchen.

Installing modern, Energy Star-rated, attractive, and efficient appliances can lower home energy costs. They can provide superior performance and offer the latest appliance designs.

Consider replacing the refrigerator, cooking range, oven, microwave, and even dishwasher. All these appliances can be updated in the same model. This way, you can keep a consistent look and feel throughout the kitchen.

Additionally, you may even want to consider upgrading with smart home technology. This can allow voice control and automated monitoring of your kitchen appliances.

Investing in smart technology can take much of the stress out of cooking and may even make it more enjoyable. From pre-heating the oven to knowing when the stove top burners have cooled, it is worth considering the convenience of upgrading with technology.

5. Having a Backsplash Tiles

When considering kitchen upgrades, having a backsplash tile is one of the most popular and cost-effective options. Installing backsplash tiles can create a finished look while adding texture and color to the walls behind the stove and sink.

Backsplash tiles are available in many different materials, from glass to ceramic and metal. They also come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, making it easy to coordinate with the existing kitchen décor.

When shopping for backsplash tiles, consider what maintenance it needs. Many backsplash tiles are easy to clean but may require some scrubbing to properly remove dirt and debris. 

As for cost and installation, backsplash tiles can be relatively inexpensive. Most types can be even put in with minimal DIY effort.

This makes backsplash tiles a great choice to upgrade your kitchen and make it look more stylish and modern. So if you are considering renovating your kitchen, check out more on kitchen backsplash tiles.

Start Your Kitchen Upgrades Today

Kitchen upgrades can be both a financial and life-changing investment. Consider what you want to improve, then research the options that meet your criteria. You can also seek the advice of professionals and set up a budget before you commit to anything.

So, what are you waiting for? Start your kitchen upgrade today! By doing so, you can ensure a stress-free upgrade process that results in a kitchen that allows you to express yourself honestly.

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