It’s In The Details: Impactful Ways To Boost Curb Appeal

Posted On Tuesday, 11 April 2023 21:13

It’s no secret that curb appeal has a significant impact on property value. Investing in home improvement projects that tend to the exterior of your property is an excellent way to increase the perceived and actual value of your home. Whether you’re looking to sell your home for more or simply improve its value, you’ll need to consider how curb appeal impacts the value of your home. 

But beyond increasing the value of your own home, curb appeal improvements also increase neighborhood value. Therefore, the exterior appearance of your home impacts the value of all the properties in the area.

When improving curb appeal, you’ve probably got an idea of the primary projects to consider, like roof repair and maintenance, repainting exterior walls, upgrading the front door, and installing a lighting plan. 

And when it comes to the smaller details that make a difference, here are a few ideas to consider. 

Custom Address Plaques

Custom bronze address plaques and house number plaques can add an elegant touch to the appearance of your home from a street view. 

Bronze plaques also make it easier to find house numbers, so if you don’t have a house number plaque yet, it’s worthwhile to invest in this lasting curb appeal detail. 

Porch Furniture

If you have a porch or covered area outside the front door of your home, outdoor furniture can make a notable difference to curb appeal. 

Choose outdoor seating and a table that complements the design of your home and the landscaping plan. It’s also wise to choose furniture that is crafted from durable materials like wood, resin wicker, wrought iron, and concrete. 

A Water Feature

Installing a water feature or a water wall as a statement decor piece is a great way to transform and improve curb appeal. Even though it might not boost value, it will enhance the appeal. 

This kind of outdoor decor accent will also create a peaceful atmosphere, which can further add to property appeal. The white noise will block out noise pollution, and you’ll also welcome birds to your yard.

Accent Potted Plants

Accent cement or ceramic pots and vibrant plants can boost any landscaping plan. You can add a potted plant to either side of the front door or nearby the front gate to boost the appearance of your home. 

It’s essential to choose pots that suit your landscaping plan and home. But more often than not, plain cement planters are a timeless option. With this, you can add several potted plants to your front yard if you have a larger property. But if the property is smaller, only two potted plants are enough to make a statement. 

A Walkway

A walkway or pathway can also add a hint of charm and character to your home’s exterior appearance. 

Create a walkway using pebbles, cement tiles, or even bricks that lead to the front door. You can decorate the sides of the walkway with flowers, small shrubs, or even solar lighting. 

There are tons of ways to improve the curb appeal of your home and boost property value. But once you have tended to the larger improvements, it’s worthwhile to consider the smaller details that make an impact. Thereafter, remember to prioritize maintaining the exterior of your home and keeping up with landscaping chores. 

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