Different Types of Shade Structures

Posted On Saturday, 27 May 2023 08:18

There's nothing more pleasant than lounging outside on a beautiful summer day. However, the sun's brutal rays can scorch your skin in no time, leaving you feeling overheated and miserable. This is where artificial shade structures come into play. These structures provide shelter from the sun and shield you from harmful UV rays while allowing you to enjoy summer days without baking under the heat! Here are some different types of shade structures that you may want to consider.

1) Pergolas

One of the most popular types of shade structures is a pergola. Pergolas create an open-air design that provides partial shade and beauty to any outdoor space. They come in various styles and sizes, making them perfect for almost any backyard patio or garden.

While sitting under a pergola feels like heaven, they also make for excellent photo backdrops! Whether you're throwing a garden party or grilling steaks with family & friends on a hot summer day, pergolas are ideal for transforming outdoor space into something special!

2) Awnings

Awnings are temporary or permanent shades that typically extend outwards from buildings over patios and walkways to offer protection from the sunlight & snowfall during winter as well.

Awnings are available in multiple materials and styles (motorized/manual), so there's one suitable for every taste or preference. Some homeowners prefer retractable awnings they can easily pull back when they don't need shade or protection against sudden weather changes.

3) Umbrellas 

The simplest form of artificial shade structure is umbrellas, making them one of the most economical options out there! These require minimal setup time, which means you can use them anytime, anywhere quickly!

Umbrellas usually come in two variations- residential and commercial. The residential ones are meant for household lovebirds who demand respite occasionally. In contrast, commercial ones are built with sturdier builds to tackle public use or weather changes seamlessly.

4) Gazebos

A gazebo is an outdoor structure that offers a shaded area for relaxation, dining, or entertainment. It generally has walls and a roof on top to provide complete protection from the sun. Typically made of wood or metal, they make for an aesthetic addition to home garden space and provide long hours of entertainment without worrying about sunburns!

5) Shade sails 

Lately, shade sails have become very popular; they're available in bright colors and unique shapes that add a fresh look to your backyard! They usually come in triangular & rectangular forms, but homeowners can get them tailor-made according to their requirements. They have essentially suspended sheets of fabric anchored by poles spread across a particular area in any pattern you fancy! Think of them as stunning canvases stretched gracefully over a patch of your yard!

6) Canopies 

Generally built with tubular steel frames topped with canopies made from waterproof materials - canopies provide permanent fixtures against harsh weather conditions all year round. Canopies are versatile structures present in multiple sizes whose primary purpose is to cover large areas such as parking spaces, walkways, etc., making it easy for people in their day-to-day lives without compromising with season changes.

In conclusion, these are just some types of artificial shade structures available that help you enjoy outdoor activities without letting the scorching heat affect you adversely. Whether you choose pergolas under which sunlight beams through vines & flowers while providing partial shade OR umbrellas capable enough to protect two lounge chairs simultaneously- the available options will cater to every taste and budget alike!

So what's stopping you? Take up your pen and paper, and jot down your priorities involving personality preference & finances. Let’s admit it - most dreams don't come cheap -- but this dream could certainly be achieved easily!

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