5 Reasons You Need a Real Estate Attorney

Posted On Friday, 22 September 2023 11:01

Real estate is a lucrative and secure investment. If you buy and sell houses wisely, you will have income for years to come. However, investing in property is complicated since it involves plenty of paperwork and knowledge of the laws in Pennsylvania.

Real estate attorneys in Pittsburgh can help you make sound investments in commercial or residential property. There are five main reasons you need a real estate attorney.


     1.   They Can Help You Read and Understand a Contract

You may know how to read and have very good comprehension. However, reading a contract differs from reading a book, essay, or newspaper article.

There are certain legal terms in a contract that the average person may not understand. If you misunderstand a portion of the contract, it could cost you thousands of dollars.

Real estate contracts may have loopholes that you may not be able to recognize. An attorney will have years of experience with real estate cases and will know all of the provisions that a contract should have. 


     2.   They Can Write a Contract

If you are selling real estate property, a lawyer can help you write an air-tight contract. Attorneys know how to write contracts that cover any situation that may arise.  A real estate professional will be aware of disputes that often arise during real estate deals. 

Professionally written contracts detail what will happen if one party does not hold up their end of the agreement. It will make provisions for acts of God and other occurrences that are beyond your control. If you have an idea of what should be in the contract, a lawyer can put it in writing. They can add specifications to your contract that you didn’t realize you needed.


     3.   A Lawyer Can Save You Money

Hiring a real estate lawyer might seem like an unnecessary expense. However, an attorney can help prevent costly mistakes in the long run. An experienced real estate lawyer will know just what questions to ask. They will review all documents every step of the way.


     4.   Legal Issues at The Property

There are a lot of scammers in the world, and a real estate attorney can help you avoid falling victim to one. Before you can buy a property, the seller must be able to sell it legally. An attorney can help you do a title check to ensure the property has no liens. They can also make sure no one but the seller can claim the property.


     5.   Helping You Negotiate

Do you have your eye on a cute little bungalow that needs fixing up? Perhaps you want to buy an office building, but only if it gets a new roof or flooring. An attorney can help you negotiate a real estate deal. A trained attorney and their staff can do research and tell you exactly what you should pay for the property you are interested in.

Buying property should be profitable. A lawyer can help you whether you are making an investment or looking for a home.

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