Swimming With Style: Current Trends and Innovations in Modern Pool Design

Posted On Friday, 22 September 2023 11:17

When it comes to crafting the perfect backyard retreat, a swimming pool can serve as the focal point that ties everything together. Gone are the days of pools surrounded by concrete. In today's world, pool designs embrace innovation and style and seamlessly blend with your living space.


Whether you're considering a pool makeover or starting from scratch, here are some trending design ideas that will make your swimming experience truly stylish.


1. Embracing Natural & Organic Shapes

One of the emerging trends in pool design involves moving on from conventional rectangular shapes and opting for more natural and organic forms. These pools are popular in Florida as they mimic bodies of water, such as lakes, lagoons, or even ponds. These types of pools often feature edges incorporating rock elements and showcase landscaping to create an inviting and harmonious ambiance.


2. Illusionary Edges

Also referred to as infinity pools, illusionary edge pools create a mesmerizing effect where it appears as if the water extends endlessly into the horizon. This optical illusion is achieved by having one or multiple sides of the pool without an edge or wall, allowing water to overflow into a concealed catch basin. This particular type of swimming pool offers more than a visual impact. It also creates an immersive atmosphere, giving you the feeling that you're swimming on the edge of an ocean.


3. Glass Walls & Acrylic Panels

For those looking to elevate their pool experience (pun intended), incorporating glass walls or acrylic panels can help you see inside and outside the pool area. Picture yourself swimming underwater while being able to see everything around you – it's like being weightless in your aquarium! Additionally, these transparent walls offer safety benefits by allowing parents to keep an eye on their children playing in the pool while they relax nearby.


4. Fire & Water Features

Combining elements like fire and water can create a captivating spectacle that enhances the ambiance of your pool area. Strategically placing fire bowls, fire pits, or torches around the pool can provide warmth and beautiful illumination during evenings. Moreover, incorporating waterfalls, fountains, and scuppers adds movement and soothing sounds to help you unwind and relax in style.


5. Smart Pool Technology

Thanks to advancements in technology, modern pools are now equipped with features you’ve never seen before. From automated systems for monitoring chemicals to the ability to control lighting and temperature from your smartphone, there is a range of innovations that can make pool maintenance easier while enhancing your swimming experience with added convenience. With just a few taps on your phone, you can easily adjust the water temperature, activate spa jets, and even schedule cleaning cycles without having to leave your lounge chair.


6. Sun Tanning Ledges

If you prefer relaxing by the pool with a drink in hand than swimming laps, consider incorporating sun shelves or tanning ledges into your pool design. These shallow areas within the pool are seamlessly integrated with the deck surface, allowing you to partially immerse yourself in the water while enjoying some quality sunbathing time. Furthermore, they provide a spot for children to play under adult supervision.


7. LED Lighting & Color Changing Features

LED lights have gained in popularity due to their energy efficiency and ability to create captivating effects. Whether you desire colors for an evening swim party or soft pastel tones for a serene night swim, LED lighting offers limitless possibilities for setting just the right ambiance.


8. Sustainability

The use of sustainable materials is gaining increasing importance in all aspects of life, including pool design. There are several ways in which we can incorporate eco-friendly practices to minimize our environmental impact while still enjoying the pool in our backyard. This includes using building materials like recycled glass tiles and decking made from FSC-certified wood to add integrated solar heating systems and rainwater harvesting features.



Contemporary pool design aims to create a space that combines style with functionality. Whether you prefer an organic look, the elegance of vanishing edges, or the modern touch of glass walls, there's a design trend that will cater to your preferences. Adding fire and water features, technological upgrades, LED lighting, and eco elements to your swimming experience can take it to a whole new level. So why settle for a regular pool when you can swim in style?

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