5 Top Tips to Consider When Buying Garden Arches

Posted On Friday, 22 September 2023 22:35

Adding an arch to your garden or yard instantly elevates the landscape design. But not all arches are created equal, you know? You want to find one made of quality materials that complements your style.

With so many options for materials, sizes and shapes these days, picking the right arch for your space can get confusing fast, but you better get the best Garden Arches, Trellises, Arbours & Pergolas at VidaXL.

So, here’s my handy guide to the top 5 most crucial tips for choosing a stellar garden arch:

1. Match the Arch Style to Your Vibe

Arches come in all different architectural styles, so go for one that fits the vibe you’re going for. Is your yard modern and sleek? Graceful and romantic? Rustic farmhouse? Making sure the arch design aligns with the rest of your landscape saves you from clashing.

For traditional or cottage gardens, wooden arches with curved tops or gingerbread-like detailing tend to complement well. Wrought iron arches add pretty vintage flair. Or stone and brick arches for that classic English garden look.

Contemporary spaces shine with modern metal arch designs in geometric shapes. And for a unique Southwestern or Asian-inspired look, arches made from bamboo poles or log beams deliver.

Bottom line - choose the aesthetic that brings you joy, not just whatever arch is trendy right now. This thing’s gonna be the focal point, so make sure it makes your heart sing!

2. Pick Durable, Long-Lasting Materials

While style matters, you also want an arch built next to outdoor dog kennel from quality materials made to stand the test of time out in the elements. Otherwise, you’ll be rebuilding the thing in a year or two. Not ideal.

For wood arches, high-grade cedar or redwood resists weathering and rot naturally. Just avoid low-cost woods like pine that deteriorate quick. 

Wrought iron is virtually indestructible, though can get pricey. Steel and aluminum offer affordable arch alternatives.

Brick and stone last decades but can get heavy. Opt for concrete if you want similar looks without the heft. 

No matter what material you choose, inspect arches closely for weak points in assembly, low-quality hardware, questionable welds, etc. Shoddy construction leads to short lifespan. A well-crafted arch should grace your yard for ages!

3. Mind the Height and Width

The proportions of an arch matter big time for both aesthetics and practicality. Scale it wrong, and the arch ends up looking cartoonish or blocking pathways.

For driveways or wide spans, make sure the arch rises tall enough for vehicles or pedestrians to comfortably pass under. Undersize the height, and your arch becomes a bonk hazard!

For walkways, pergolas and garden rows, choose a proportionately smaller archway that highlights the path without crowding it.

Getting precise measurements of the area and modeling the arch size out with tape on-site ensures ideal fit. Consider clearance from trees and where the sun will hit too when picking proportions.

4. Check Codes for Permits

Now I’m no stickler for rules, but ya gotta check your local zoning codes for permits before installing an arch! Nothing more annoying than finely crafting your dream arch only to be told it violates ordinances. Bummer!

Many neighborhoods and HOAs have restrictions on archway height, size or placement. And permits are often required for permanent structures over a certain square footage.

Connecting with your city planning office first saves potential headaches down the line. Trust me, demolishing an arch later because it flouts codes is the worrrst.

5. Add Complementary Landscaping

The final touch that pulls together an arch is thoughtfully dressing up the surrounding area. Arrange plants, lighting, decor and other accents that enhance the arch aesthetic.

For instance, an English cottage archway looks lovely intertwined with flowering vines and faced with flower boxes or potted plants.

Or use shrubs, stone pavers and compact evergreens to flank a modern steel arch. Accent lighting illuminates an arch beautifully at night too.

Take time decorating the arch environs. It provides a polished, integrated look that makes the arch really shine as the centerpiece.

So there you have it - my pro tips for finding that perfect garden arch to level up your landscape! Applying these suggestions helps ensure you end up with the ideal arch for your personal style that withstands the elements while avoiding potential pitfalls.

Now that I’ve given you the inside scoop, you can shop for arches with confidence. Just focus on quality craftsmanship, durable materials and proportions suited for the space. Add artful accents around it, and that arch will transform your yard into a true oasis in no time.

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