Single Dads Are More Likely to Own Homes Than Single Moms [New LendingTree Report]

Written by Posted On Sunday, 16 June 2024 06:30

Father’s Day, LendingTree is revisiting single-parent homeowners, focusing on single fathers. We analyzed housing data to show homeownership rates among men who live without a spouse in a household with children younger than 18.

Metros with the highest homeownership rates among single dads

  1. Minneapolis
  2. Pittsburgh
  3. Cleveland
  4. Cincinnati 
  5. St. Louis

Metros with the lowest homeownership rates among single dads

  1. Los Angeles
  2. San Jose
  3. Orlando
  4. San Diego
  5. New York 

You can check out our full report here:

LendingTree's Senior Economist and report author, Jacob Channel, had this to say. 

"Homeownership can bring with it more stability than renting and therefore can be seen as an especially appealing goal for single fathers. That said, single fathers should recognize that buying a house isn’t always the best idea, especially if doing so will leave you seriously cash-strapped or otherwise make it hard for you to make ends meet. Remember renting a house you can afford is better than owning a house you can’t."

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