5 Reasons your sales efforts might not be working + how to correct them

Written by Posted On Friday, 21 June 2024 12:46

Sales should be fun and exciting. When your persistence in sales isn’t getting you the desired results in sales, several factors could be at play. Here are 5 reasons why you might be spinning your wheels:

1. YOU ARE TARGETING THE WRONG PEOPLE: If you target the wrong audience, they are not your people! Your sales efforts are a waste of time. It’s time to identify your ideal customer profile. Define the age, income level, family size, and occupation of your ICP. What are their buying habits and preferred property types? Pay attention to the details. They’re all important.

2. YOU ARE NOT QUALIFYING LEADS: Not all leads are effective. Spending time on the wrong contacts is a huge waste. Instead, determine which prospects are serious. Are they looking to buy or sell? What is their timing? Next, find out why they desire to move, such as family growth or downsizing, etc. Qualify them financially, too! Discuss their budget or price range. Identify all decision-makers in the real estate process.

3. YOU DON’T FOLLOW UP: Sales prospecting often involves multiple touchpoints. You don’t want potential deals to slip through the cracks. Take the necessary time to call prospects a couple of times. Following up with real estate leads is paramount for maintaining engagement and moving them through the sales funnel. Do so quickly, within 24 hours of an inquiry. Use multiple channels – text, phone, email, etc.

4. YOU DON’T COMMUNICATE EFFECTIVELY: Solid communication is key in sales. If you fail to pay close attention to what prospects tell you, you won’t be able to handle objections. Signs of poor communication include taking too long to respond to customer inquiries. Even an unprofessional tone can be off-putting. Learn to be an active listener and take good notes.

5. YOU DON’T BELIEVE IN SALES TRAINING: Continuous sales training is powerful and effective for keeping your sales skills sharp. Roleplay sessions may seem silly, but boy, can they put you on the spot. Challenge your current ways of doing things. Keep learning and investing in yourself.

Its time to improve your overall sales performance. Pay attention to your selling approach. Continue to learn about the competition to maintain your edge. Keep the learning process going. Most of all, enjoy the ride.


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Nicole Attias

Nicole Attias is the owner of Prospect2Win. Prospect2Win is a sales-based company in Canada that is dedicated to helping businesses get in the door through cold calling and presentation training. Nicole facilitates sales training programs and offers a lead generation service option to her clientele. Contact – [email protected] Stay tuned for my upcoming eBook, “Transform your sales approach – More than just a cold call.”


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