Where To Find Kyle Hiscock's Real Estate Social Media Profiles

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Where to find Kyle Hiscock's Real Estate Social Media Profiles Where to find Kyle Hiscock's Real Estate Social Media Profiles

If you follow me on any social media websites, you know how big of a role social media plays in my business.  Social media is a huge opportunity for any real estate agent.  It's incredible to me how many real estate agents don't take advantage it.  Everything I do online revolves around my real estate blog, Rochester's Real Estate Blog.  On my blog you will find the epic real estate content that I regularly publish along with real estate market reports, information on my local real estate communities, and more.

It would be great if I could write an article and it would be instantly found by thousands of readers, but that truly is not possible.  The goal of most real estate bloggers is to get their content seen by as many people as possible.  One of the best ways to do this is through social media.  Once I write my epic real estate content and publish it, only a portion of the work is completed.  One of the biggest errors made by real estate bloggers is the methods and ways they get their content out there.  Social media is not only important to me but also for all of my clients and clearly social media is only going to continue to evolve.

I'm going to share with you some of the best social media websites to get your content noticed.  Some of these social media websites you may know of and some you may have never heard of.

Social Media Websites You May Not Know About:


Listly is a social media website that if you have never checked out, you need to.  It is an incredibly easy to use webpage, even for a beginner.  Listly allows you to create lists for any topic you would like.  It's as easy as taking a webpages URL and placing it into your list.  There are multiple ways your lists can be displayed from magazine style to bullet style lists.  It's a great place to take real estate resources and group them into one mega-list.  You can find profile at Kyle Hiscock List.ly.  An example of how cool Listly is for creating lists can be seen on my Top Real Estate Blog Articles from 2014 List.  This is a list of the top real estate related blog articles from last year.


Scoop.it is the dream of anyone who creates content.  If you write great real estate content, you need to be on Scoop.it.  It is a tool that provides you an excellent chance to make your content more visible.  In addition to sharing your content, Scoop.it also provides you the opportunity to give your thoughts and opinions on any piece of content you find online.  If you find an article from another top real estate blogger that you'd love to add your additional insight to, Scoop.it is the place to do so.  You can find my profile at Kyle Hiscock Scoop.it.  On my profile you will find my two topics of choice, Real Estate and Social Media & SEO.  My Scoop.it real estate topic is a place to find the very best real estate content from the very best real estate bloggers. 


Storify is one of my newer social media websites that I have recently begun using, but I am seeing some nice results from.  Storify, just like List.ly, is very user friendly.  On Storify, if there is a specific topic you'd like to write about, it allows you to not only write but also include links to relating content and also stories and posts from other social media websites.  You can write a story and include one piece of content or you can write a story and include 25 pieces of relating content, the choice is yours.  Check me out at Kyle Hiscock Storify to see my profile.  Due to the fact that Storify allows you to use other social media posts in your stories it can be a very powerful tool when combined with other social media websites.  An example of this at work is my example of Can't Miss First Time Home Buyer Tips story that includes not only top real estate bloggers content but also a Tweet and List.ly list.


Quora is well known for the ability to ask and answer questions.  This includes any topic you can dream of.  This is a great opportunity to answer questions and show your expertise.  Quora also allows you to share your knowledge and expertise on your very own Quora blog.  You can find me at Rochester's Real Estate Blog Quora.  As a real estate blogger, or any blogger for that matter, is that copying and pasting your content from one page to another is not advisable.  Certainly creating a link to the content you've written is recommended but never ever copy.  Here is an example of a blog I wrote on Quora on the Blue Chip Rochester, NY Real Estate Communities.


About.Me is more of a social media profile than website.  It allows you to provide a bio, several website links (three), and links to many of the top social media websites, including Facebook, LinkedIN, Twitter, and Google Plus.  Another social media website that increases the chance you could be discovered online.  You can see my profile at Kyle Hiscock About.Me.


RebelMouse is one of the newest social media websites to my repertoire.  It is another website that you can make your content visible through.  RebelMouse is a website I hope to utilize more in 2015.  To date I've put together a couple articles on my Kyle Hiscock RebelMouse profile.  One of the pieces of content I wrote over on RebelMouse is on the Top Notch Real Estate Communities of Rochester, New York.


This social media website is geared specifically to real estate industry professionals.  Launched in 2014, RESAAS gives real estate agents the opportunity to network with other industry professionals across the world.  The possibility even exists to exchange referrals.  RESAAS allows real estate professionals to "re-blast" information and posts to other professionals.  You can find my real estate profile at Kyle Hiscock RESAAS.  If you're wondering what a re-blast will look like, check out a recent re-blast I created recapping the Webster NY real estate community.


Tumblr is another social media website that allows you to have your very own blog to share your knowledge on.  Tumblr is also a place to network with others from the real estate industry but also other industries.  You can find me at Kyle Hiscock Tumblr.  Tumblr is still one of my newest social media websites, however, I have published a couple articles on my Tumblr Blog.  Here is an example of one of the blogs on the Real Estate Communities of Rochester, NY.

Active Rain

If you're just starting out as a real estate blogger, Active Rain maybe just the website you are looking for.  Many real estate bloggers begin their writing on Active Rain.  Active Rain allows you to write articles, provide information about yourself, and also provide links to other content.  You can find me at Kyle Hiscock Active Rain

Top Social Media Websites:


Google+ is quite possibly my favorite social media website for real estate.  It provides you the opportunity to network and build relationships with other professionals like no other social media website allows.  You can see my profile at Kyle Hiscock Google+.  I've been very active on Google+ for about a year and have a solid following of 1,000 in my circles.  It is not a social media website to expect instant results and boatloads of followers.  It takes time!  One of the best places to find great real estate content and professionals are in the various real estate communities.  


Pinterest is also one of my favorite social media sites.  I love images and most people do too!  Pinterest is a killer social site for those who create epic real estate content, if used properly.  In fact, it's the largest social driver of traffic to my real estate blog.  You can find my profile at Kyle Hiscock Pinterest.  My biggest piece of advice is to make sure to create eye catching images for your blogs.  Poor images won't get you very far on Pinterest.


Twitter is a social media website that is hard for some to understand it's power and benefits.  Once understood, it can be an awesome tool for real estate professionals.  Twitter is a very fast moving site.  The average Tweet has a very short "life."  I utilize the BufferApp as a great tool to help schedule Tweets throughout the day.  This is a huge time saver.  You can find me at Kyle Hiscock Twitter.  If you're wondering who to follow on Twitter for real estate, check out this great List.ly list of the top real estate industry professionals to follow on Twitter.


Most people love easy and quick reads.  SlideShare is a website that allows you to turn your real estate articles into easy to read slides.  You can find me at Kyle Hiscock SlideShare.  Wondering how a SlideShare looks and if it really is easy to read and follow?  Check out a recent SlideShare I created from my Realtors Guide to Irondequoit NY Real Estate and see for yourself.


LinkedIn is strictly for business purposes.  It's basically a virtual resume.  One thing most real estate professionals don't realize is that LinkedIn has some excellent real estate groups where you can share your epic real estate content.  Be sure to do a search for real estate groups and check out how other real estate professionals are using LinkedIn to help get their content noticed.  You can see me at Kyle Hiscock LinkedIn.  


How times have changed.  Facebook is one of my least favorite social media websites for real estate.  Due to the restrictions made by Facebook, the fact is, not all of your posts are seen by all of your friends.  In fact, it's a very small percentage.  Occasionally I'll share a real estate related article but primarily utilize Facebook for personal sharing.  You can find me at Kyle Hiscock Facebook

As you can see there are tons of websites available for real estate agents to share their content.  I'm sure there are some websites listed here that you didn't even know existed.  Social media is a still evolving and growing and will continue to do so.  If you're in real estate and aren't utilizing social media, you are missing out big time.


About the author: The above information on Where to Find Kyle Hiscock's Social Media Profiles was provided by Kyle Hiscock. Kyle can be reached via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone at 585-339-3939. Kyle has helped hundreds of people move in and out of the Greater Rochester, NY area.

For Rochester, New York Real Estate and home sales see Rochester's Real Estate Blog.

I service the following Greater Rochester NY areas: Irondequoit, Webster, Penfield, Pittsford, Fairport, Brighton, Greece, Gates, Hilton, Brockport, Mendon, Henrietta, Perinton, Churchville, Scottsville, East Rochester, Rush, Honeoye Falls, Chili, and Victor NY.

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