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Do you have rooms that aren’t being used? Stuff that you don’t remember using for the last ten years? Yard seems to grow bigger every year? These are questions that I ask myself as I approach the 60 year old mark. Am I really using all this space? Do I need all this space? Do my hobbies and passions require the home I am in or can I free up time and equity by finding a more suitable home?

Time, space, passions, budget and maintenance all play a role in staying or moving. The community and neighborhood, mainly neighbors can play a role as well. Some of us stay where we are just because our neighbors are so awesome! I know we have such thoughtful neighbors it would be hard to say good bye to them.

There comes a point in time when hard decisions just have to be made. Your home starts to become a ball and chain around your neck. Property taxes, water bills, heating, electricity and yard care are just too much. You really don’t want to rely on friends and family for constant help.  Independence is still a top priority!

My Father and Mother still live in the house where I went to grade school.  In his 80’s it takes him all week to do what he did in a day. In a good way he keeps occupied and active. The yard looks like a photo out of a gardening magazine! So for now this works for them. I ask myself do I want to move when I am 85? Probably not!  I know my Grandad stayed in his home after Grandma passed for at least 15 years. Alone and on his own. Family made frequent visits but still he was alone most of the time till passing in his 90”s. 


In reflecting on when best to make a move it would be before my mid 70’s or when my health declines.  Once you pass a certain age I think your move would be to assisted living. Not my idea of what I would want. Everyone is different.

Marty Gale

Utah Realty

Principal Broker, CNE,MCNE,CRS,EPRO,SFR 


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Marty Gale

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