50 Ways To Sell In Any Market

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 04 March 2008 16:00

Jim Remley says you can Sell Your Home In Any Market . That's the title of his new book and he offers "50 surprisingly simple strategies for getting top dollar fast."

Mr. Remley is apparently a lover of lists. His book includes 100 ways to make the inside of a home sparkle, 20 ways to improve curb appeal, the top 10 ways to overcome buyer objections and five irresistible incentives to offer buyers.

I took a look and found an intelligently-written guide for owners wanting to sell, a valuable tome at a time when many sellers and their brokers are open to marketing ideas.

What's important about the book is that it can serve as a marketing checklist, ideas to consider when selling a home and in some cases ideas to use.

For instance, Remley discusses Internet marketing and some issues sellers should consider when looking at broker sites -- search engine placement; the ability to look at the entire market and not just the broker's listings; and enhancements such as photos and video tours.

"Online buyers are notoriously impatient," adds Remley. "How fast an agent responds to e-mail inquiries can often determine the agent's chances of winning a buyer's business. Try testing your prospective agent by sending an e-mail question about one of her listings. If she takes more than three hours to respond, it could be a red flag that she doesn't have the internal systems in place to handle a buyer's questions promptly."

Remley also tells us that "the strength of an offer should be based on many factors, not just price." This is both true and routinely ignored. Just like the Dow Jones industrial average, price is the short-hand way we gauge both the marketplace and our deal. Also like the Dow, price is not necessarily the best measure of what we bought or what we sold.

Remley has a good book and for the few dollars involved virtually all sellers and brokers should be able to get a clutch of useful ideas. And at a time when selling homes is no longer so easy in many markets, the value of a few good ideas should not be underestimated.

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