Going into business of any kind always proves to be a complex endeavor, one that requires a balance of anticipation, communication, and perseverance to succeed. Unfortunately, many newer and more seasoned business owners have a fear of failure that inhibits them from finding or even continuing the success of their organization. As a business leader, the fear of failure is truly a debilitating experience, so much so that it can ultimately cause failure, believe it or not! Although the feeling of fear is a primordial human instinct for basic survival, allowing it to dictate your decision making in our contemporary business world leads to the fulfillment of that fear.
My goal throughout my career has been to help alleviate the fears that business leaders feel regularly. In doing so, I have formed an outline of the most common reasons that businesses fail. In doing so, business leaders can then develop an Anticipatory mindset that more easily overcomes what…
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2020 and 2021 are over. Rates are no longer in the 2% range and property values are not climbing at 20%+ year over year. Loan opportunities are not falling from the sky, and sellers aren’t calling agents all day every day asking how much they could get for their house! Rents aren’t screaming higher faster than home prices, and all cash investors are picking up single family homes if the cash flow warrants the deal. Otherwise, if you want a deal, you must go out and get it because it won’t just come to you! The funny part is many lenders and agents think we are still in pandemic mode. Nobody wants to go to the office and work. Once popular meetings for agents by local real estate boards have been reduced or eliminated in many parts of the country, how many people get out and engage the public and…
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Engaging social media posts with humor can boost audience interaction. Try adding a funny twist to your posts. A humorous approach can make your brand's social media stand out from competitors. Subscribers to Realty Times' daily cartoon service get a custom real estate comic strip delivered by email five days a week. This can provide quick, amusing content for social media. Licensing service starts June 5th, 2023, with flexible monthly or annual plans of $9.99 per month or a $99 yearly subscription. The cartoons could give your followers something to chuckle at! Cartoons may be included on your Website, Newsletter, Print advertising, and video media.   To be added to our waitlist or for more information, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or Register HERE 
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National Association of Realtors® Chief Economist Lawrence Yun presented an overview of U.S. commercial real estate Tuesday as part of the 2023 REALTORS® Legislative Meetings. Yun emphasized challenges facing the commercial real estate market brought on by tightening lending policies among many small and regional banks, which have been a key source of commercial loans. Still, due to continuing U.S. job gains, net absorption has been mostly positive nationwide, Yun said, with the apartment, industrial and retail sectors helping to keep the industry relatively stable.  “The performance of commercial real estate markets will vary across the country,” Yun projected during Tuesday’s Commercial Economic Issues and Trends Forum. “Markets with strong job gains will naturally hold on much better, while those with weaker job conditions will struggle to raise net occupancy.” Yun said America’s apartment sector recorded 116,000 net positive absorptions in the past year, while the industrial and retail sectors added 361 million…
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) when combined with Machine Learning (ML) and Applied Pattern Recognition Technology, can significantly outperform the actual lottery results! The Players Edge Lottery Picks™, using advanced AI, machine learning, and applied pattern recognition technology, has predicted back-to-back Powerball® and Mega Million® jackpot winning numbers for May 5, 2023, Mega Millions® drawing and May 6, 2023, Powerball® drawing with outstanding results in all prize categories especially when compared to the actual Lottery results as follows: Our documented evidence for the May 5th Mega Millions® and May 6th Powerball® drawings shows that Players Edge predicted 3 First Place jackpots, 20 Second Place Million-dollar prizes, 149 Third Place, and 3,244 Fourth Place with a combined dollar value of these results substantially outperforming the actual Lottery results, wherein the same timeframe, Powerball and Mega Millions combined sold 0 Jackpot winners, 1 Second place prize winner, 20 Third Place prize winners, and 469…
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The workforce of today is made up of a diverse mix of generations, each with their own unique skill set and work ethic that all build toward a greater goal — Unity. With Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, Millennials, and Gen Z all working side by side, it is the role of business leaders and C-Suite executives to create a unified work environment, one that in turn fosters collaboration and teamwork across all of these dynamic age groups and furthers the greater good of the industry and the world. Simply letting each generation “stay in their lane” not only leads to missed opportunities evidenced in a lack of innovation, it furthers a generational war that actually breaks down the fabric of contemporary society in many ways. Simple misunderstandings between generations left unaddressed often open the door to volatile arguments and staunch opinions that one generation is superior or inferior to the other. {loadmoduleid…
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We are almost halfway through 2023 and given the regulatory landscape that I find myself working in, there are too many pressing issues and topics that I would like to write about, ranging from friendly tips to stern warnings. Due to the nature and volume of my compliance work at the moment, I have no choice but to put forth a hybrid piece which aims to check off both boxes.  Lately, I have been thinking about when I first started my consulting business. Back in 2016, having formerly worked as a Special Investigator for the California Department of Real Estate (DRE), I knew I had something special to offer and that there was a compliance-minded audience out there who needed it. Admittedly though, when I first started working in this field, I sometimes felt like compliance was more an afterthought than an actual priority, or even a luxury item that…
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